1. D

    [ROM][8.0.0][STABLE] OxygenOS V5.0.4 port for Zuk Z2 [SAFETYNET ✓]

    What is this? It's oxygen os port for zuk z2. This is the latest oreo version of oxygen os rom available. This port brings all the software feature of oxygen os except for those required hardware such as nfc, alertslider, etc. Status : stable Instructions : -WIPE Dalvik/Art Cache, Cache...
  2. bruneba

    [FIX] E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image ERROR 7 - Installing a Custom rom

    You want to try a new custom rom but every time you try to isntall it you get error E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image.....ERROR 7 well, the fix is simple: 1 - flash TWRP Red Wolf 2- flash factory2vendor file 3- reboot to recovery 4- full wipe (dont wipe data and internal storage) 5- add...
  3. C

    Always-on VPN not working on 8.1 Oreo (AEX 5.4)

    I had 'Always-on VPN' (i.e. built in IPSec Xaut PSK VPN) working with Nougat (AEX 4.6). After making a clean flash to Oreo (AEX 5.4) I can connct to VPN. However, when I check 'Always-on VPN' the status changes to 'Connected'. However, I do not get an internet connection (e.g. browsing does not...
  4. bruneba

    ZUI 3.5.344 TWRP discussion

    Anyone tried to update to 3.5.344 with full OTA successfully? Full OTA: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1YJHuKTX2e7VkNz5molbq8A Password: x365 Gdrive Link thanks to @greedy Another workaround to update is make a data backup with TWRP then lock your bootloader again (zui 1.9), update to latest OTA...
  5. bruneba

    [FIX] 3.5 Google Contact Sync

    This tutorial is obsolete now as Zui fixed contact sync on 3.5.344 so if you didnt update yet, you can keep following the tutorial: This have been discussed here a lot, but many users couldn't set it properly... So to avoid another new thread talking about it, here is a video showing how to...
  6. ColdBeer

    Encryption fails in Oreo 3.5.315

    Hi! Everytime I try to encrypt file system (settings, security, encrypt phone), the phone is stuck on blue ZUK logo for hours (more than 12 hours waiting). Then I need to boot on port 8001 mode and qfil with 1.9 rom and start upgrades again. I tried with NO app installed, but no luck at all...
  7. BeGeek

    [ROM] [8.1.0] [OFFICIEL] Resurrection Remix O v.6.0.0 [03/15], ROM pour le Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro

    Poste copié coller avec Google traduction depuis XDA, merci aux Devs de ce bouger pour notre Z2 Pro :) Code: #include <std_disclaimer.h> / * * Votre garantie est maintenant annulée. * * Je ne suis pas responsable des appareils maçonnés, des cartes SD mortes, * guerre thermonucléaire, ou vous...
  8. N

    Upgrading from Nougat to Oreo - app data?

    I've been reading the excellent tutorials on how to update to latest Oreo build (...threads/do-you-want-to-update-to-oreo-read-this-first.7848/ and ...threads/ota-collection-howto-get-from-zui-1-9-to-latest-zui-for-z2-pro.7851/ ) however there is one thing I miss or don't understand: how to...
  9. BeGeek


    Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM Official Mokee Open Source Project ? /!\ CETTE OPÉRATION COMPORTE DES RISQUES /!\ On ne sera point tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés Avec Antutu, Zolieeeeee Score :p Un Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro [Z2Pro] Avoir déverrouiller son...
  10. S

    ZUK Z2 PRO OREO cannot access permissions manager

    After flash recovery update to OREO every time I try to access the permission manager (settings -> security and privacy -> permissions) or to manage the permissions of a specific app (settings -> advanced settings -> applications -> [enter any app] -> permission manager) I get kicked out to the...
  11. Dim Kumb


    WARNING! THIS FILE CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE IF YOU FLASHIT WITH THE WRONG WAY! This is the OFFICIAL STABLE version of ZUI Android 8.0 Oreo for Zuk Z2 Plus. XDA threads for more informations: https://forum.xda-developers.com/lenovo-zuk-z2/development/deodexed-z2-plus-nougat-2-5-334-st-t3594483...
  12. bruneba

    Do you want to update to Oreo? READ THIS FIRST!

    Ok so now we can update stock Zui to Android 8. But you must do some things first before updating to make sure everything will work properly. Many users claim that something isnt working fine, isnt syncing or are crashing so: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING, DONT BE LAZY... TRY AS DESCRIBED HERE BEFORE...
  13. D

    Substratum is working for ZUI 3.5 Oreo [Black theme and mods]

    Substratum is able to theme stock ZUI 3.5.261 with magisk root. I have themed status bar to show clock in center, black notifications and notification header, rounded corners in app resents, black lock screen, sliders, settings app, quick settings menu, google play store and many more apps...
  14. Z

    ZUI 3.5.247 ST

    Hi Everybody! The latest ZUI ROM has been released officially, and it is based on OREO. If anybody knows the download link, pls share here! Thx.
  15. K

    How I updated to the new ZUI 3.1.194 (Oreo) via VPN OTA

    Edit: "Sorry, I just realized that zui 3.1.194 is not Oreo. But since the zui 3.5 (Oreo) is rolling out in China, I hope it will work with this method,too." In China zuk updated the ZUI already to Oreo via OTA. Because most VPN didn't work I decided to research how to get it done. So I...
  16. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp fixed

    THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED, CLICK HERE FOR A NEW VERSION Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  17. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp & Gapps FIX

    Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5.231 DOWNLOAD: Google Drive...
  18. bruneba

    Zui_8 Oreo + GApps + Google Camera

    NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- I installed this over 3.5.204 and nothing was wiped, it was like a system update. If something isnt working for you, crashing, etc. Make a clean flash before install this rom. Original download link 3.5.217 Google Drive link 3.5.217...


    found oreo official for Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus use at your own risk Z2131_CN_OPEN_USER_Q00030.1_O_ZUI_3.5.218_DEV_180103_qpst OREO FOR ZUK Z2 zuk z2 3.5.218 链接: pan.baidu.com/s/1qYA58Gs 密码: 5211 password 5211 its not the global version it may contains some chinese apps
  20. DarkWinterCloud

    Leaked Zui 3.5 Beta Oreo Build Video

    Just want to share a Video I saw on a Facebook Brazilian Group showing some new UI improvements for the next 3.5 Zui Update, on top of Oreo Version this time! Notifications now seems be expandable FINALLY, cant confirm if the Reply options will be avaiable, I hope so... Ps.: Sorry for the...