1. bruneba

    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [F2FS] Resurrection Remix P v7.0

    Get latest build: Mainteiner for z2pro is Agustin. MIRROR SCREEN IS WORKING!!! This Rom is Factory, then if you were using a...
  2. drasonli17

    [UNOFFICAL] Ressurection Remix 5.8.3 One Team Drason

    Buid Date; 6:07:17 Ressurection Remix rum for ZUK Z2 users with the help of my friends in the forum. Bugs No Let's start with preparation. Preliminary The bootloader lock on your device is turned on. Click to open the bootloader lock. TWRP Recovery must be installed Click to install TWRP...
  3. legendarysnake

    Stuck in Zuk logo after flashing new rom(ressurrection remix)

    I'm with the Chinese rom. Version 7.1.2. I did the bootloader, I installed TWRP (it came in Chinese, but I managed to switch to English), and I downloaded the ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4-20161222-z2_plus and I downloaded the ARM 64 - android 6 - micro. As I watched in a YouTube...