1. MajidFa

    Facing sensor

    What is facing sensor? And How can use it?
  2. P

    Fingerprint sensor

    I just bought a new ZUK Z2 PRO form gearbest. It havent installed or updatet anything regarding the OS or the firmware It was delivered 5 days ago. Everything was working fine until yesterday. My fingerprint isnt recognized anymore aswell as just touching (not pressing) the home bottun. When i...
  3. R

    Samsung Health

    Has anybody been able to get Samsung Health working? It does work on the Z2Pro, however, there is no option to use the heart rate sensor. It simply does not show up. I have tried a little xposed tweak called Global S Health, but the option still won't show up. This is after I have given the app...
  4. M

    Fingerprint sensor

    Hi :) Im new :p So, I want to buy this phone, but i read somewhere that the fingerprint sensor in home button after couple months of using is not that accurate, I mean you need to wipe this button cuz it doesn't "see" your finger. It's true? And sorry for my english xd
  5. J

    Custom gestures

    Hey people, I installed MIUI 8 and something I missed from CM is the ability to customize the fingerprint sensor. I love swiping between apps with the zui behavior, but it would be cooler for me to add some gestures like two consecutive touches (not press) to show recent apps and and swiping up...