1. D

    Zui 3.5.389 TWRP Flashable [ZUI Rom]

    Download: I got it from selvarajrajkanna from xda. He got it from the Telegram group: "zukCustomGoodies". Need to unlock bootloader first and installed twrp Always backup rom first Before flashing need to wipe dalvik...
  2. bruneba

    [FIX] E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image ERROR 7 - Installing a Custom rom

    You want to try a new custom rom but every time you try to isntall it you get error E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image.....ERROR 7 well, the fix is simple: 1 - flash TWRP Red Wolf 2- flash factory2vendor file 3- reboot to recovery 4- full wipe (dont wipe data and internal storage) 5- add...
  3. C

    [Question][ST ROM] "Good morning my master~" customization ?

    Hi, When swiping to the left screen, I noticed a list of widgets/applications available, mostly using China-related content. I was wondering if this "scenario" and "Attention to the dynamic" could be customized/replaced with other apps. Regards
  4. crisps

    [OTA] ZUI 3.1.218 Z2 Pro

    Source thread: Translation via google: Update Log upgrade Aspect zul 3.1 emergency fix version, mainly to solve the Caton under certain scenarios and some of the calendar does not show the 2018 holiday issue. Thank you for your strong feedback, helping the...
  5. bruneba

    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    I want to thanks @mar.ur , @tuncayeser and @Emmaus to help with this tutorial. now the rom is more stable than before. NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- please activate the caption. ------------------------------------------------------------------ JUST AFTER INSTALLING...
  6. X

    go back to 6.0 from 7.1.2

    Hi everyone, I've had a zuk z2 since 6 months ago, and I flashed the resurrection remix, thinking it would have made it better. It turned out to improve performance, but the camera quality is just awful. I followed the guide on this forum to flash the new rom over the bangood one the phone came...
  7. bartez1

    Wgranie najnowszego systemu Zuk Z2 Pro

    Witam, mam takie pytanie kupiłem Zuk Z2 Pro przyszedł z wersją systemu 2.1.120 ST wersja globalna to nie ma OTA i teraz chcę wgrać ZUI 2.5 tylko tak nie wiem czy w 2.5 jest język polski oraz czy trzeba coś dodatkowo robić/wgrać czy mogę bezpośrednio zgodnie z tą instrukcją(nie mogę jeszcze...
  8. M

    Differences of the Stock-ROM

    Hi, I just got my ZUK Z2 Pro that I bought at gearbest. I'm very happy with it yet. But I read many comments (especially in this forum) that recommend to change to the Stock-ROM by ZUK. What are the (main) differences between the ROMs by ZUK and the other ones (especially the gearbest-version)...
  9. bruneba

    Antutu score on zuk z2 pro

    I couldnt find a similar thread for zuk z2 pro, only for z2 plus. So share with us whats your score and which rom are you using Im at stock 2.5.435, no root or bootloader unlocked Here is my s7 score, no root and up to date.
  10. R

    Has anyone extracted the stock zuk z2 camera app?

    OK! So heres the deal. I have rooted my zuk z2 and flashed an RR rom, but the camera is SHAYT. I want to be able to flash the original stock camera app on this rom. Also dont forget that it had slow motion video recording. If any could be of help I would deeply appreciate it.
  11. L

    Enable Call Recording possible on custom Rom?

    Hi, i've wanted to ask if someone has succesfully enabled Call Recording in the same quality as the Dialer in the Stock Rom? Is it possible to just port the Dialer App from the Stock rom and if so, has someone the files to share? Thanks everybody have a good day
  12. B

    Flashing ZUI Stock ROM

    Hello there Zukians!!! Although i have read all the sticky threads related to flashing stock ROM, but after seeing so many bricked device reports, i'm a bit skeptical. Please help me with these queries: 1. Should I relock my bootloader before flashing? 2. i saw that all flashing needs to be...
  13. G

    Zuk Z2 Pro 6/128 da Gearbest

    Salve, ha un po' di confusione riguardo al problema della Rom Farlocca di Gearbest. Vorrei mettere la Rom Stock. L'ottima guida che c'è su questo sito parla di non effettuare la procedura se ci fosse una rom Custom sul terminale. Quella di Gearbest.... Chi può darmi un link con una procedura...
  14. T

    No Phonecalls/SMS possible

    Hello, i have been a "proud Z2pro user" for a month now, until the phone started f***ing up. i don´t know why but i´m suddenly not able to call anybody or receive calls/messages anymore. i thought maybe there is something wrong with my simcard or my provider, but somehow everything works if i...
  15. B

    [Stock ZUI 2.5.335 ST] WhatsApp does not stay connected when screen is off

    Hello, I have a problem with WhatsApp. It appears the web connection does not stay enabled when the phone is idle because when using, I get the "Phone not connected" message. I need to wake my phone up and do some actions in WhatsApp in order to get the connection back. I...
  16. F

    Impossible Zuk Brick

    Hi guys, have a problem. I have already found in situations of brick but I have done alone always her. This time no. I have decided to load, through QFIL, the ROM Chinese stock 1.9.044st with negative result (the error is the sahara fail). Trying with different ROM (always stock obviously)...
  17. G

    [Alarm sound] Inquiry

    I've change rom recently, because I couldn't live with the ZUI notifications. However, I loved the stock ZUI/standard alarm sound. I'd be glad if somebody could upload the file.
  18. D

    Notifications on stock ZUI

    Guys, I use stock ROM. The only thing I do not like is that notifications are cleared from the statusbar immediately after I saw them. Is there any way to change behaviour to vanilla Android behaviour? Like they seat there until I touch it or swipe it.
  19. N

    Zuk Z2 Pro Sound Settings missing

    Dear Zukfans-Community, I got some weird problem regarding sound settings: I don't know what I did exactly as I rooted my phone but everytime I want to access sound settings via the settings panel, it just closes the whole settings screen and returns to the last app I used. I can manage the...
  20. Francko76

    CHINA Z2pro ZUI 2.1.120_ST_160823

    ZUI 2.1 Update New lock screen smart notifications, taxi, flight information, remind glance; new desktop folder intelligent grouping and multi-finger slide organize desktop icons function, organize your desktop quicker; U-Touch again evolution, interest unlock screen also anti inadvertently ...