1. lukesky333

    AospExtended 4.5 --> ??? - Welches ROM und was ist zu beachten?

    Hallo Leute, ich bin seit seeehr langer Zeit nicht dazu gekommen, dass ich mein Zuk2 Pro mal wieder auf den neuesten Stand bringe. Inzwischen ist es dringend nötig und ich brauche Euren Input. 1.) Welche ROMs sind derzeit angesagt und brauchbar? 2.) Lieber noch Oreo oder schon Pie? 3.) Was...
  2. M

    "Accidentally" wiped Internal Storage

    Hi, I "accidentally" wiped my internal storage in twrp. I was using the latest discovery rom, but I wanted to get rid of encryption. Now I have access to the recovery, but flashing is useless, because none of the files get actually written. I can transfer data from my computer, and I already...
  3. Pimi

    stuck at logo on boot

    hi, i just flashed boot.img on twrp recovery on recovery and boot and system and firmware. i khow i made a mistake. and then i flashed aex 5.4 and it comes with some error like : error unmounting firmware.... something like that. and i say that it installs but stuck at logo. you guys have any...
  4. JnthnGE

    failed to mount /firmware zuk z2

    So I was trying to update TWRP from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 and when I flashed the .img file it asked me where I wanted to flash it to, and by mistake I pressed the firmware option, now everytime I try to install something from there it apears a message saying "failed to mount /firmware (invalid...
  5. BeGeek


    Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM Official Mokee Open Source Project ? /!\ CETTE OPÉRATION COMPORTE DES RISQUES /!\ On ne sera point tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés Avec Antutu, Zolieeeeee Score :p Un Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro [Z2Pro] Avoir déverrouiller son...
  6. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp & Gapps FIX

    Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5.231 DOWNLOAD: Google Drive...
  7. weimerd

    Howto unlock bootloader and get TWRP on ZUK Z2 Pro

    DISCLAIMER: take care, this will erase all data on phone. I'm not responsible for any data loss. Follow the instructions on your own risk! --------------------------------------- NEW: You updated to ZUI 3.5 using...
  8. P

    Zuk Z2 twrp desaparece

    Hice todo lo necesario para utilizar durante unas semanas la rom dirty unicorns y AOSP extended, me di cuenta de que el sensor de proximidad y el auto rotate no funcionaban por lo que decidi regresar a la stock rom. Instale el stock rom Rom Oficial Zuk Z2 ZUI_2.0.069 via pc la cual se actualizo...
  9. bruneba

    Zui_8 Oreo + GApps + Google Camera

    NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- I installed this over 3.5.204 and nothing was wiped, it was like a system update. If something isnt working for you, crashing, etc. Make a clean flash before install this rom. Original download link 3.5.217 Google Drive link 3.5.217...
  10. L

    Possible to put TWRP without unlock bootloader ?

    Hello, I've seen that on Lenovo P8 (Tab3 Plus) tablet, it's possible to put a TWRP recovery without unlocking the bootloader, using QFIL. See here: Search twrp lenovo p8 qpst, on XDA forum. Any idea if this could be done too for Z2 Pro, choosing the correct file for QFIL ? Could be useful to...
  11. S

    adb not recognizing z2 plus after unlocking bootloader

    I have unlocked boot loader using adb and fast boot...Until that its was fine. IN LINUX: But when i am trying to install twrp adb is not recognizing the device IN WINDOWS: adb is recognizing and restarting into fastboot but while flashing twrp image it is stuck in <waiting for device> problem
  12. C

    Bootloader - USB Device Not Recognized

    I'm trying to flash TWRP but the PC show me that USB device not recognized The device manager show that "Android ADB Interface" connected but with error: "This device cannot start. (Code 10) A device which does not exist was specified." USB debugging is enabled. I've been tried many drivers to...
  13. K

    Stuck at TWRP with no OS!!!

    I don't know if there's any thread or not because i didn't find that. I was trying to install custom rom i.e. AEX on my Lenovo ZUK Z2, I unlocked the bootloader, I installed TWRP 3.1.1-0, and then when i tried to ADB SIDELOAD, it showed me error "device not found". Now I'm stuck with TWRP with...
  14. R

    how to unbrick

    hi i bricked my zuk z2 by mistake installed z2 pro rom with twrp no zuk logo diod doesn't working no vibration when i connect phone it show diagnostic 900e
  15. DarkWinterCloud

    Guide How to Properlly install a Custom Rom [Newbie]

    Hello Guys, I'm doing this step by step because I see that for a great number of users it's the first time they are installing a custom rom on an android device, so I will create this massive thread in order to explain the most newbie proof way I can, presuming you know what a custom rom already...
  16. Zinger

    Po aktualizacji lineageos Z1 nie działa

    Cześć, na początku chciałbym się przywitać, bo to mój pierwszy post na tym forum :) Moje pytanie dotyczy takiej sytuacji - wgrałem LineageOS 14.1, wcześniej miałem CyanogenOS. Po małych problemach z wgranie właściwego gapps, telefon odpalił i śmigał ładnie. ALE, pobrała się aktualizacja z 16...
  17. S

    How to get back OTA updates if bootloader has been unlocked to remove vendor ROM?

    How to get back OTA updates if bootloader has been unlocked to remove vendor ROM? This is my situation : - My bootloader is unlocked - I'm running official ROM firmware 2.5.335 ST (I've used EDL mode to flash it with QFIL) - My device is unrooted - OTA isn't available: Your system has been...
  18. S

    ROM Q&A How to install a custom ROM for ZUK Z2 PRO ?

    Q&A How to install a custom ROM for ZUK Z2 PRO ? Please feel free to contribute actively to this topic to clarify everything... 1) What is the current official recovery ? Reliable source link ? "The stock recovery is a minimal, limited system. It’s designed to be ignored, and it can...
  19. varotone

    [RECOVERY] Official TWRP 3.1.0 for Zuk Z2/ Lenovo Z2 Plus

    Disclaimer /** * What you do with your device is your choice. * None of the developers of this software will be held accountable for any damages to your device or to third parties. * You should know this by now. **/ What's this? This is TeamWin Recovery Project for our ZUK Z2 / Lenovo Z2...
  20. M

    Z2 can't boot into recovery

    Hey guys. So here's the thing. I unlocked the zuk's z2 bootloader using the standard method (fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash unlock unlock_bootloader.img, with the img they sent me via email, and then fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go), and then I went to flash the TWRP recovery. I downloaded the...