1. D

    Update OTA fail from 2.5.462 ST to 3.1.194 ST

    Hi to all, I have Zuk z2 pro with ZUI 2.5.462 ST. Sometimes I check for a update but phone shows nothing to update. Yesterday I have checked again for a update and it shows there is a update available -> 3.1.194 ST I have tried to update but I get a error in Chineese and after that screen I...
  2. B

    jak dojść do zui 3.5

    witam, czy ktoś moze mi wytłumaczyć jak zaktualizowac system z 2.5.462 do 3.5.316ST. Na wstępie zaznacze że nie dokońca wiem czym np. jest ROM albo bootloader lub TWRP. próbowałem z guidem od MikeS ale nic nie wyszło z tego. Czy sa jekieś wersje spolszczone albo bez chińskiego systemu( mam na...
  3. R

    Help! Zuk Z2 update

    Hi there! Settings does not give me the option to update the software, and by many taps that you give to android version (6.0.1) I never get the typical animation, so I do not understand what kind of android is this, which came in the smartphone when I bought it (version zui 2.0.093 ST). I...
  4. R

    ¡Ayuda! Actualizacion Zuk Z2

    Hola! En ajustes no me da la opción de actualizar el software, y por muchos toquecitos que le de a android version (6.0.1) nunca me sale la tipica animación, por lo que no entiendo que tipo de android es este que me vino en el movil cuando lo compré (version zui 2.0.093 ST). Quisiera saber...
  5. L

    update , lights on, 2.0.133ST

    hello people, I have a zuk z2 and the current version is 2.0.133 st. The phone came with stock a Chinese crap which had many problems so i flashed with Miflash (qfil was giving me errors and gave up) to a version ( i dont remember which) and then ota>> ota>> 2.0.133 ST. Now is showing the...
  6. K

    How I updated to the new ZUI 3.1.194 (Oreo) via VPN OTA

    Edit: "Sorry, I just realized that zui 3.1.194 is not Oreo. But since the zui 3.5 (Oreo) is rolling out in China, I hope it will work with this method,too." In China zuk updated the ZUI already to Oreo via OTA. Because most VPN didn't work I decided to research how to get it done. So I...
  7. B

    We will get Android 9!!!

    Isn't that amazing? Although Android 8 Oreo isn't yet available as official update, ZUK has confirmed we will get Android 9 for our devices (Both, Z2 and Z2 Pro)! It is called "ZUI 4.0" and they say we will get it by September 2018. For more information see here...
  8. lourencosv

    OTA update don't work.

    Hi, fine? I'm trying to make this method from bruneba, but after going to 1.9 the updates do not work. Original ROM ZUI 1.9.104 with TWRP inside. zukfans.eu/community/threads/original-rom-zui-1-9-104-with-twrp-inside.7127/ What can I do? Thanks.
  9. T

    Lenovo ZUK Z2 chinese how to update to Android 7

    Hello i just buy my lenovo zuk 2 and there is chinese version of rom, but i cant make video and more apps crash i want to upgrade to android 7 but i am beginer can somebody help me? SLOVAKIA aj česky rozumiem :) Thanks for answers
  10. DarkWinterCloud

    Leaked Zui 3.5 Beta Oreo Build Video

    Just want to share a Video I saw on a Facebook Brazilian Group showing some new UI improvements for the next 3.5 Zui Update, on top of Oreo Version this time! Notifications now seems be expandable FINALLY, cant confirm if the Reply options will be avaiable, I hope so... Ps.: Sorry for the...
  11. A

    Not able to update to Android N - Z2 Plus (Indian Version)

    Hi, I have recently purchase from Amazon. It is on 2.0.111 ST - I am not getting any update notifications. Any OTA Zip available which can help me updating to latest version?
  12. D

    Can anyone with ZUI 2.5.335 try to search for updates? QFIL won't work!

    Can anyone with ZUI 2.5.355 try to search for updates? Here is my story. Please answer! 1. Received phone in september. 2. Flashed ZUI 1.9 3. Unlocked bootloader 4. Installed AEX 4.5 5. Tested for over a week 6. Relocked the bootloader by flashing ZUI 1.9 7. INSTALLED the updates up to ZUI...
  13. bruneba

    I cant update, please help

    I did a flash to lock bootloader and remove root, (i use 1.9) but now I cant update, there isnt any update available in System update... what can I do? I tried to use FlyVPN but I couldnt find china to connect i need to update via ota, I cant flash to a recent version
  14. J

    ZUI 3.0 for Zuk Edge?

    Hi :) Im actually on 2.5.470ST version with my ZUK Edge and i didnt do the last MAJ (which is the 2.5.500, right?) because i heard that ZUI 3.0 is close. But apparently for the Zuk Edge still nothing yet. Somebody has any clue about this? :) Thank you, Have a nice day!
  15. DarkWinterCloud

    Only Lenovo K8, K8 Note and K8 Plus receiving Official OREO (at this time)

    As per on the Upgrade Matrix from Lenovo Official site: https://support.lenovo.com/br/en/solutions/ht501098
  16. R

    ZUI version 1.9.104 ST now doesnt upgrade OTA

    Ive tried with this ROM because it close the bootloader and realy works, but now it dont upgrade, anyone knows why? or how can i remove banggood ROM to make it official with OTA?
  17. T

    ZUI 2.3.044 update

    Hello guys, This is my first post to the forum. Has anyone upgraded to ZUI 2.3.044ST for ZUK Z2 pro? how is it?I didn't upgrade and still running the stocks. Actually I am pretty satisfied with the current performance. If there is no huge development, then I may not download the updates...
  18. DarkWinterCloud

    [INFO] Lenovo plan to focus on "Pure Android" for newer releases

    "Lenovo has confirmed that going forward, it will be abandoning its Vibe Pure UI Android customisation which ran on top of its recent Android smartphones in almost all markets. The company will be switching to stock Android experience, and the Lenovo K8 Note will be the first smartphone from the...
  19. P

    Item mise à jour absent

    Bonjour à tous, je viens de recevoir mon zuk pro 2 et j'essaie de comprendre pourquoi celui ci ne possède pas d'item pour vérifier les mises à jour svp? ZUI 2.1.120ST Est ce une limitation par défaut svp? Faut il flasher le téléphone avec une rom officiel svp? Est-ce que les fréquences 4g sont...
  20. DarkWinterCloud

    [INFO] Zuk Smartphone divisions are not dead (rumor)

    Some news where shared today saying that the Lenovo will launch another flagship phone with ZUK brand, the Zuk Z3 Max! The specs are Snapdragon 836 (the same that will come with the Galaxy Note 8) 8Gb of RAM and 256Gb of internal storage (following the "About Phone" phone screenshot leaked)...