1. legendarysnake

    My wifi is not working on my ZUK Z2 Plus...

    Hey guys, so i broke all my phone by accident, and fixed it. Changed the display, the back, and now im using cover to avoid more accidents. I was using AOSP rom and i noticed that the wifi was not working. Then i changed to lineage for android 6. Still not working. Dirty Unicorn for android...
  2. E

    Forgetting Wifi Network

    My Zuk Z2 Pro Phone always forgetting wifi network, every day when i came the office i choose office wifi network and enter the password again. Anyone has this issue, my phone has 3.5.376ST version.
  3. R

    Recherche un développeur

    Bonjour à tous , j'utilise jusqu'à maintenant la Rom Lineague OS 7.1.2 et c'est la seule que je trouve facile à utiliser. Le problème est que cette rom puisqu'il ne s'agit pas de la Rom officielle n'est pas compatible avec la connexion EAP-sim , pour une connexion sur le réseau FreeWifi_secure...
  4. Zaknafein

    ZUK Z2 WiFi Problem

    Hi all. I'm using official Android 7.0 ZUI 2.5 Chinese version. Same problem a was on Android 6.0, custom ROM what was installed on my phone by seller. I have connection problems usually with TP-Link routers. I recorded few videos to describe a problem. Very often i can't connect to network, or...
  5. D

    WIFI Problem

    I recently bought one zuk z2 from banggood and both the banggood Rom and the original 2.0.069 is not working with my wifi, in the sense that I try to press the toggle, which for about 15 seconds trying to turn ON the wifi but then back to OFF. What is the problem? I have not unlocked bootloader...
  6. D

    WIFI non si attiva

    Ho comprato da poco uno zuk z2 da banggood e sia con la rom sua originale e sia con la 2.0.069 non mi funziona il wifi, nel senso che provo a premere il toggle, il quale per circa 15 secondi cerca di accendere il wifi ma poi torna in OFF. Che problema può essere? Grazie