1. bruneba

    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [F2FS] Resurrection Remix P v7.0

    Get latest build: https://get.resurrectionremix.com/?dir=z2_row Mainteiner for z2pro is Agustin. https://forum.xda-developers.com/zuk-z2-pro/development/9-0-resurrection-remix-v7-0-2-t3922867/post79370586#post79370586 MIRROR SCREEN IS WORKING!!! This Rom is Factory, then if you were using a...
  2. C

    Have you flashed your baseband, Does Your LTE work?

    I bought this: Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro 5.2 inch 6GB RAM 128GB ROM from banggood In download mode I clicked Sd update without a sdfuse and it wouldn't boot after the fail. If this wasn't a soft-brick I would like to know how I Should have handled it. But mainly: I ended up with TWRP recovery with...