1. C

    Zuk Edge ZUI and Android upgrade

    I have a Zuk Edge with ZUI 2.5.500 ST and Android 7.0 English version. The System Update menu says: "Your system has been root, we are unable to provide the latest version of the system." I would like to upgrade the ZUI to the latest fixed version and the android (8, 8.1, 9 I dont know which...
  2. R

    Hotspot name in double quotes

    I am currently using zui 3.5.389, as soon as I turn on hotspot, the system automatically adds double quotes on the SSID, It causes problem as I sometimes use google Chromecast and home mini using my mobile hotspot but now its impossible to use any SSID without that quote. Eg. Xiaomi_8960 to...
  3. MajidFa

    zui 3.5.376 ST

    Next zui ZUI_3.5.376 date:18-05-21 http://club.lenovo.cn/detail/4465831
  4. bruneba

    ZUK is back!

    It seems they wont stop making lenovo devices https://www.gizmochina.com/2018/05/09/lenovos-zuk-is-back-new-flagship-will-launch-in-june/ https://wap.ithome.com/html/359068.htm https://m.weibo.cn/status/GfH0Qyvbg
  5. I

    To hack ZUI to receive OTA

    Hi guys I know the process to reblock the bootloader and recieve OTA, I mean to install the firs ZUI version (1.9.104_ST) with QFIL... But i don't want to do that because it is a tedious process and also i like to try anothers ROMs. Do you think like me? That make me think... Is posible to...
  6. D

    Substratum is working for ZUI 3.5 Oreo [Black theme and mods]

    Substratum is able to theme stock ZUI 3.5.261 with magisk root. I have themed status bar to show clock in center, black notifications and notification header, rounded corners in app resents, black lock screen, sliders, settings app, quick settings menu, google play store and many more apps...
  7. Z

    ZUI 3.5.247 ST

    Hi Everybody! The latest ZUI ROM has been released officially, and it is based on OREO. If anybody knows the download link, pls share here! Thx.
  8. O

    Fixing the ZUI based on Android Marshmallow with apps. My Experience.

    I'll be updating this thread as I would discover new ways to make ZUI better and really functional based on marshmallow as I'm using Indian ZUI 2.0.133 ST. So far I am using the following apps to make ZUI better. 1. Material Notification Shade. (Playstore, free, features unlocking by buying)...
  9. DarkWinterCloud

    Leaked Zui 3.5 Beta Oreo Build Video

    Just want to share a Video I saw on a Facebook Brazilian Group showing some new UI improvements for the next 3.5 Zui Update, on top of Oreo Version this time! Notifications now seems be expandable FINALLY, cant confirm if the Reply options will be avaiable, I hope so... Ps.: Sorry for the...
  10. JohnnyLovesCookie

    ZUI3.5 is coming out.

    Found this on the Lenovo forum.(Not sure if this picture can be seen...) Mainly saying that the developers of ZUI are working on ZUI3.5 and they are looking for some people to test it,which is based on Oreo. BTW,it seems that they are testing ZUK Edge, but you know Edge and Z2plus are not so...
  11. J

    ZUI 3.0 for Zuk Edge?

    Hi :) Im actually on 2.5.470ST version with my ZUK Edge and i didnt do the last MAJ (which is the 2.5.500, right?) because i heard that ZUI 3.0 is close. But apparently for the Zuk Edge still nothing yet. Somebody has any clue about this? :) Thank you, Have a nice day!
  12. R

    Cant install any rom Stuck in boot

    Hello all, my z2plus is not getting on after installing any rom like aicp,rr,jaguar etc. problem faced after installing miui rom. in every rom its installs but stucks in boot logo. i have official twrp . pls help ONLY ZUI ROM INSTALLING AND RUNNING IN MY Z 2 PLUS
  13. Altarx

    Zmiana tapety [ZUK Z2]

    Cześć. Na moim nowym zuku od paru Miechów wgralem sobie rom ZUI 2.5 by Franck076 i ma parę problemów jak gubienie zasięgu czy czasem mi słuchawki zerwie ale nie rozumiem czemu nie działa mi zmiana tapety. Wchodzę w ustawieniach w tapeta tam w te motywy jak tarcza do lotek czy tarcza kapitana...
  14. bartez1

    Wgranie najnowszego systemu Zuk Z2 Pro

    Witam, mam takie pytanie kupiłem Zuk Z2 Pro przyszedł z wersją systemu 2.1.120 ST wersja globalna to nie ma OTA i teraz chcę wgrać ZUI 2.5 tylko tak nie wiem czy w 2.5 jest język polski oraz czy trzeba coś dodatkowo robić/wgrać czy mogę bezpośrednio zgodnie z tą instrukcją(nie mogę jeszcze...
  15. N

    4K camera framerate bug

    Hello, In 4K video mode the framerate varies according to the brightness I can go from 20 to 30 and so when I want to make a video on premiere pro the sound shifts to the rendering. Sorry, google translate Julien Zui stock version no delete apps preinstall EDIT : If you see this message...
  16. X

    GPS not working anymore

    ROM: 2.5.412 Baseband: 9-00026-M8996FAAAANAZM-1.63821.1 Everything worked before even though it was slow. Flashed a lot of basebands today, none of them worked. Any helps? Could be software problem with ZUI? Dropped the phone few times but never done any serious damage.
  17. natheux

    Suggestion of Audio Mod for ZUI ?

    Hi guys, I would like to know if you tested some audio mod on your Zuk Z2 Plus/Pro and which is the best ? I tried to install ARISE but there isn't so much space in /system partition (around 146mb free), of course I tried systemless Am3D Zirene and systemless Viper4Android but the first...
  18. Esmallin

    [ROM] Zui 2.5.500 TWRP

    Here you have the last ZUI 2.5.500 for TWRP installation: https://yadi.sk/d/_H94z7Iz3LpoSz
  19. DarkWinterCloud

    [INFO] Lenovo plan to focus on "Pure Android" for newer releases

    "Lenovo has confirmed that going forward, it will be abandoning its Vibe Pure UI Android customisation which ran on top of its recent Android smartphones in almost all markets. The company will be switching to stock Android experience, and the Lenovo K8 Note will be the first smartphone from the...
  20. X

    ZUI 2.5.379 - Notifications

    Hello guys, recently i bought this phone but since then, my apps didn't get notifications after a while when phone is dozing. Made except rule for all of my apps in battery optimization, in autostart and also in that ram cleaner. I'm coming from Redmi Note 3 Pro so i'm at home with tinkering my...