zuk 2 plus

  1. S

    Phone's dead? need suggestions to revive dead zuk z2- cannot charge

    Less than a year ago, my lenovo zuk z2 got a water damage and the screen went black. got the lcd replaced and the phone's working like a charm. some problems is touch screen randomly register touch during charging and sometimes stop charging but didnt bother much. then the battery went dead one...
  2. N

    Help! Idiot screws Z2 microphone real bad

    Let me just start by saying I'm not very bright or gifted. One of these days, my phone would just not boot. I tried a hard power down, but I guess I didn't press it long enough. So I had this brilliant idea: If I remove the battery, it would HAVE to work again, right? But how exactly do you...
  3. M

    "Accidentally" wiped Internal Storage

    Hi, I "accidentally" wiped my internal storage in twrp. I was using the latest discovery rom, but I wanted to get rid of encryption. Now I have access to the recovery, but flashing is useless, because none of the files get actually written. I can transfer data from my computer, and I already...
  4. P

    Urgent Help ZUI 2.5.104ST

    Hey Guys....i am paras from india...plz help me...i am on indian rom of nougat 2.5.104 ST and uk what its rhe worst rom....please help i want to get back on marshmallow....but i dont know anything about this rom language...also i have a locked bootloader no root nothing... untouched phone.
  5. I

    Problema interno [AYUDA] - ZUK Z2 (Plus)

    No sé por qué mi teléfono (Zuk Z2) cada vez que arranca me pone un mensaje en el cual dice: No sé qué es lo que pasa, porque el móvil va bien. Lo he reseteado desde el ordenador borrándolo todo y nada (eso sí con lo ROM oficial no me marcaba dicho error). Pero al instalar otra Custom ROM me...
  6. JnthnGE

    failed to mount /firmware zuk z2

    So I was trying to update TWRP from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 and when I flashed the .img file it asked me where I wanted to flash it to, and by mistake I pressed the firmware option, now everytime I try to install something from there it apears a message saying "failed to mount /firmware (invalid...
  7. Z

    Zuk Z2 repeatedly freeze for few seconds

    Hi, I am a happy owner of ZUK Z2 for over a year now, and it was working well up till last saturday (3 Feb 2018). Since then the phone exhibits lagging or freezing of operations for 2-5 seconds. It can happen while typing, sliding, scrolling etc. Additional symptoms: 1. Google play store...
  8. L

    Always face this problem.

    Please help me, friends. I always flash this zuk z2 when I found this problem. after flash, the zuk is good, buy after 2-3 weeks, this problem comes to my zuk. please help me how to fixed this permanently. zuk z2 plus. 4GB/64GB. last rom: stock cn rom 3.1.102 ST. I can't upload video at...
  9. N

    Enable Carrier Aggregation/ LTE-A on ZUK Z2/Qualcomm Phone.

    Steps to enable Carrier aggregation on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Friends, by default carrier aggregation is disabled on our Indian stock ROM. Reliance JIO and Airtel in India supports carrier aggregation. JIO supports on Band 3+5, Band 5+40 or Band 3+40 on ZUK Z2 plus or Airtel supports Band 3+40 in...
  10. Chalton Lowden

    Please can someone help me update back to ZUI 2.5.104 ST or whatever is the latest Indian stock ROM?

    I had to root my Z2 Plus because it fell in water and lost all data. I rooted to get back as much as I could. But wanted to go back to 'locked bootloader' and 'unrooted' phone to obtain warranty back. So I followed instructions from a thread and installed ZUI 1.9 Chinese version via MiFlash to...
  11. G

    HARD(er) BRICKED my Phone

    Greetings, I'll try to be concise. I woke up today to flash the MIUI 9 rom that i put to download last night. In TWRP, I started with a clean install, wiped data, dalvik, system, internal storage, cache. I put these three files to flash: Miui 9 for zuk z2 zip Beans gapps 7.1.x Magisk...
  12. U

    VoLTE suddenly Stopped working

    Since the past three four days I am unable to make or recieve a voice call using Jio which requires VoLTE The HD symbol also stopped showing in the status bar at the same time I can make and receive calls using the Jio4GVoice app I am from India and Own a Lenovo Zuk Z2 which is currently on...
  13. V

    Unlock bootloader Zuk Z2 in sep-2017 (unlock link not working anymore)

    Hey guys, I purchased a zuk z2 a few days back and just received the same yesterday and I have been trying to unlock it and it seems that i need to have a file for that that i can download from a link after filling a form. But the problem is that the links don't anymore, all are broken with a...
  14. V

    SIM Non trouvé

    Bonjour, heureux possesseur d'un ZuK Z2 Pro avec rom en FR, j'ai la carte sim qui ne fonctionne pas, j'ai essayé avec une Sim SFR, FREE et même Bouygues rien ne fonctionne, alors pour info,je l'ai pris sur Gearbest, derrière c'est note IMEI 86...... ,c'est un Z2121 TD LTE si quelqu'un à une idée...
  15. drasonli17

    [UNOFFICAL] Lineage OMS One Team Drason

    New Build Build Date 12.07.17 Drason Root ✓✓ Hi friends, I have a Lineage OMS root access permission on Android 7 base that I compiled for you The main link is Screenshot Download Links https://mega.nz/#!BqYTgahD!qITgvZLcwD-5NU60PFbeehw9mVEpqM5G4ncX1nD2j0M ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Nougat ROM...
  16. R

    Game lag when VoLte and mobile data is on

    Turning on VoLte causes games to drop frames sometimes a little bit(nothing serious) but turning on mobile data when VoLte is enabled causes huge performance dips in games, games like modern combat 5 seems to drop to 10-15 fps, turning off VoLte and then enabling data connection does not cause...
  17. israel

    Unable to find "Encrypt phone" in zui 2.5.104 ST

    Fellow Zuk z2 plus users, I am unable to find the "Encrypt phone" option on new "Zui 2.5.104 ST" (Nougat), Check with your settings, I can't find the option anywhere! Thanks, Zuk 2 plus user
  18. bruneba

    [HOW TO] Badge Notification on Stock Rom and "Set Default Home" Shortcut

    Notification badges working for all apps in this launcher. (dont forget to allow notifications in application settings) You can set this launcher as default and dont need Nova Launcher to do it, in this video I'll show you how. You can set any launcher as default using this method, it is...
  19. D

    Browser and apps crashes

    Hello everyone, I bought ZZ z2 last week and I'm facing problems, some programs are crashing, like whatsapp, games and browsers. In chrome as soon as I open a page on the web it displays the message "AW, snap", firefox happens the same thing, making it impossible to surf the internet. The...
  20. lycanwrath

    POLL: Which custom ROM are you currently using on your Lenovo Zuk Z2/Z2plus ?

    Comments are welcome if you wish to share your experience on your preferred ROM :) In case of a missing ROM, kindly comment and I will add it to the list ResurrectionRemix Mokee Unofficial Dirty Unicorns MIUI8 Darkness reDefined Pac ROM AICP Cosmic OS Citrus CAF DiscoveryROM Custom ROM...