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  1. A

    Selling Zuk Edge as spares

    Hi. Im selling my Zuk Edge. I have used the phone for over 2 years and I was very happy with it. Then one day the displey stopped being responsive sometimes. It is a strange behaviour, sometimes when tapping the displey, it does not lit up, but still the system is working. I thought it is a...
  2. C

    Zuk Edge ZUI and Android upgrade

    I have a Zuk Edge with ZUI 2.5.500 ST and Android 7.0 English version. The System Update menu says: "Your system has been root, we are unable to provide the latest version of the system." I would like to upgrade the ZUI to the latest fixed version and the android (8, 8.1, 9 I dont know which...
  3. S

    SELL [SOLD] ZUK EDGE 4GB/64GB Black (EU)

    Hello everyone, Up for sale is my personal backup ZUK Edge phone (occasionally used). My main phone is a Z2 Pro, so i am obviously a ZUK fan :) I would rate its condition as excellent, without major deep scratches; only some micro / superficial / light ones that are hardly visible and...
  4. Z

    ZUI 3.5.247 ST

    Hi Everybody! The latest ZUI ROM has been released officially, and it is based on OREO. If anybody knows the download link, pls share here! Thx.
  5. Muzaffar Hussain

    [QFIL ROM] ZUI 3.1.201_ST qpst

    This is Qfil/Qpst flashable Stock ZUI 3.1.201st for ZUK Edge. Based on Android 7.0. Before flashing download and install proper drivers and follow proper guide to flash ZUK Edge through qfil Don't forget to change storage type to UFS from eMMC in Qfil configuration setting!! Rom link...
  6. W

    How to Update ZUK Edge to Nougat?

    I have downloaded the update.zip and placed it in the directory, but when I press install update in recovery mode, it says 'install failure'. My ROM is the default Chinese/English ROM. Anyone know how to solve this?
  7. Muzaffar Hussain

    [QFIL ROM] ZUI 3.1.193_ST qpst

    This is the link for newest ZUI version 3.1.193 stable version for ZUK Edge and can be flashed through Qfil only Please follow guide for flashing through Qfil and don't forget to change storage type to UFS instead of eMMC in Qfil settings ROM link...
  8. K

    Zuk Edge Dual Boot?

    Hi everybody, I'm new in the forum and I have a quick question. Does anybody here know whether the DualBootPatcher works for Zuk Edge or not? It is not listed among the supported devices, on the website, but somebody in Chinese forum club.lenovo.com (had to Google Translate it, can't post the...
  9. J

    ZUI 3.0 for Zuk Edge?

    Hi :) Im actually on 2.5.470ST version with my ZUK Edge and i didnt do the last MAJ (which is the 2.5.500, right?) because i heard that ZUI 3.0 is close. But apparently for the Zuk Edge still nothing yet. Somebody has any clue about this? :) Thank you, Have a nice day!
  10. Muzaffar Hussain

    [ROM] Mokee 6.01 September 18 by YouLinw

    Hello guys. As you all know club.lenovo.cn is having login issues the website kicks you out as soon as you login. Still i managed to get the link of this rom thanks to some chinese guy. Not tested myself yet but here is the link to the ROM...
  11. A

    [ROM] ZUK Edge Magic Fun 7.1.2 Second Edition by Zhang -Super 丶 slow

    Hi plis upload this new rom to mega or anything https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o7ZTDxg Password : 4f73 Author: super slow Repair long press home Add Alipay Fingerprint payment Update part blob Kernel merge tag to caf the latest, add adrenoboost game optimization (specific usage reference my music...
  12. G

    Cual ZUK comprar?

    Hola gente, estoy pensando en comprar un ZUK edge 4GB ram por 255 dolares en aliexpress, aunque no se si comprar ese o un ZUK Z2 Pro de 6 gb de ram por 270 dolares, que me recomiendan? Es muy importante la diferencia de 2 GB de ram? Se va a notar el SnapDragon 621 en vez del 620? Es mejor el Z2...
  13. Esmallin

    [ROM] ZUI 2.5.470 TWRP

    I found the CUSTOM ROM ZUI 2.5.470 (ENG/CHN) TWRP install capable: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dFb576D
  14. Muzaffar Hussain

    Dirty Unicorn for Zuk Edge?

    Please someone make Dirty unicorn rom for Zuk Edge as its the best rom i have been using on my Zuk z2 plus so far. Please @davidevinavil Can you make one for Zuk Edge ? I need it badly
  15. J

    Zuk Edge notifications problem

    hi :) I read a topic about the Zuk Z1 in this forum which users seems to have the same problem I tried everything but nothing works. For example : if I don't open WhatsApp, i don't get the notifications. I just try and retried with a friend, and It doesn't work. It makes me crazy as i did...
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