zuk z1

  1. L

    need some help with Lineage Os 14.1(ham)

    hello guys My Zuk Z1 is currently running on Lineage OS 14.1(ham) latest build (2017-11-07) but the fingerprint is still disabled. I got some queries 1) Is there a way to enable Fingerprint? 2) Will there be any Volte support for zuk z1 ? 3) are there gonna be any Custom Rom available for...
  2. D

    lineageOS 14.1 having random reboots frequently

    I'm currently using lineageOS 14.1-20170418-nightly and I'm having frequent reboots. Does anyone have this problem or a tool that can determine the cause of it? It's rooted
  3. Francko76

    ROM Z1 2.3.045 MULTILANGUAGE v4 - 20161023

    Here's a new release for Z1 This rom is based on 2.3.045st I removed a lot of useless stuff from chinese rom and now this Rom features: MULTILANGUAGE English/Chinese as stock rom Italian (thanks to me) German (thanks to @crisps - @markus - @zabey) Hungarian (thanks to @tibcsi0407) Russian...
  4. v1nc

    ROM [ROOT][TWRP]Z1 ZUI 2.1.049 ST

    Hello: What I got for you is the newest zui 2.1.049 prerooted with english as default language. First of all, thanks to captainemo for repacking and publishing, here can you download: https://yadi.sk/d/iS8ocejPussYv It's a flashable zip, so all you got to do is install twrp somehow(there are...
  5. V

    Need Help on ZUI

    Hello Everyone, I am using Zuk Z1(India) and i want to convert my phone's OS to ZUI. I tried converting and succeeded but WiFi and Bluetooth wasn't working at all so if anybody can help me on how i can install ZUI(with working Bluetooth and WiFi) please let me know
  6. v1nc

    Z1 ZUI 2.0 root

    For zuk z1 zui 2.1 rooted go here http://zukfans.eu/community/threads/root-twrp-z1-zui-2-1-049-st.821/