zuk z2 plus

  1. bruneba

    True or fake news? ZUK Z2 Pro & Plus and ZUK Edge will receive Android P

    Google translate: "The launch event of the new Lenovo Z5 - the last mid-range of the brand, of which you find all the features here - was the right stage to announce some changes dedicated to the ZUK models. To be precise, the company announced that ZUK Z2, ZUK Z2 Pro and ZUK Edge will be...
  2. Shivamk845

    ZUI 2.3.042 ST Background service Problem on Zuk Z2 Plus.

    Hi guys, i have Zuk Z2 Plus and i am using "ZUI 2.3.042 ST ROM by Francko76" since last 6 months as i found this ROM very stable and all my hacks works fine on this. But, today i would like to tell you guys about 1 major Problem of this ROM which is about the "Background service" As you guys...
  3. P

    OTG Not Working!!!!!

    I've bought my Zuk Z2+ in India this month and also got type-c otg connector... When I plugged in my pendrive, it didn't read it... Then I even tried it with my computer's mouse and keyboard, still they didn't work... For making it sure, I plugged in the otg connector in OnePlus 3t and Galaxy...
  4. O

    OTA update failed zuk z2 plus

    i falshed zuk z2 plus ( version 2.0.93) im able to update the zui version to 2.0.133 via chia vpn but cant able to update zk z2 plus to 2.5 ( i.e andriod 7.0) every time i download the update via system update it fail to install in recovery any solution.
  5. J

    What is the best 6.X Marshmallow Rom

    Hello, i am using DU 7.1.2 right now but i want to go back to 6.X marshmallow, because of the Xposed Framework compatibility. Can someone say what is the best 6.X Rom, because of it being outdated i can't find many info about good Marshmallow Rom's for ZUK Z2 , the only one i have saw and that i...
  6. bruneba

    [HOW TO] Badge Notification on Stock Rom and "Set Default Home" Shortcut

    Notification badges working for all apps in this launcher. (dont forget to allow notifications in application settings) You can set this launcher as default and dont need Nova Launcher to do it, in this video I'll show you how. You can set any launcher as default using this method, it is...
  7. G

    no gyroscope or any sensors working, help?

    so yesterday i installed the unofficial dirty unicorns for zuk z2 plus and i just noticed (because it doesnt rotate automatically even if i enabled the auto-rotate option) that there's no sensor according to aida64... why is this happening? Is it because this rom is still on beta and havent...
  8. S

    Indian ROM 2.0.133 ST - Not picking up VoLTE

    I bought Zuk Z2 from Banggood.com and flashed it with Indian ROM posted in this forum and it updated to 2.0.133ST over the air. Everything works flawlessly (well the notification system is shite, but that's a different story) however the phone does not latch on to VoLTE. However whenever I am...
  9. J

    Chromecast - Zuk Z2 disconnects immediately

    I have recently bought a chromecast for my projector. I am trying to cast my screen (mirror video/audio option on the Google Home App) but I immediately connect and disconnect. At no point does it cast. I have a HTC One M7 running CM13 which can cast (albeit at rather poor quality). I have a...
  10. S

    I do not receive notifications in CH Rom

    After I install the Chinese rom my Zuk does not receive the notifications of the applications, only if they are open in the background How can I fix this? I'm with android 7
  11. israel

    Music equalizer doesn't work on ZUI 2.0.133 ST Indian

    Hey Zuk z2 plus users. I found a bug on our zuk z2 plus, The equalizer built-in the play music doesn't work, Does any one know a work around on it? Check yours, lemme know.... The issue is, When we slide the eq bars, there are no noticeable difference sensed on the ear phone. Thanks in advance!
  12. J

    MiFlash + Indian ROM [Noob Success Story]

    This thread shows just how easy it is to get rid of the shop ROM provided by gearbest etc and install the official ROM. This should helpfully placate worried new owners of zuk z2 plus'. Seriously, it's well easy. Here are some things I would have liked to have been told immediately when I first...