zuk z2 pro

  1. bruneba

    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [F2FS] Resurrection Remix P v7.0

    Get latest build: https://get.resurrectionremix.com/?dir=z2_row Mainteiner for z2pro is Agustin. https://forum.xda-developers.com/zuk-z2-pro/development/9-0-resurrection-remix-v7-0-2-t3922867/post79370586#post79370586 MIRROR SCREEN IS WORKING!!! This Rom is Factory, then if you were using a...
  2. Javad

    Theming problem on ZUI 4

    Hello everyone! From the first day I bought this phone I would like to have dark or black #theme but no luck until today. Now I'm on #ZUI 4 and I only see 4 theme by default in theme under #personalization. Can you please help me find a way to have a dark theme or at least find more themes on...
  3. B

    ROM Flyme 7 zuk z2 pro

    I found new version of Flame 7 for Z2 pro,rom is ok but doesn't work autobrignest,faceunlock doesnt work,end is problem with root,so i wait to update this rom
  4. T

    ZUK Z2 PRO Bricked Qfil works, but does not initialize my device

    Hello friends, my Zuk is bricked. I have already passed all of these versions of ROM Stock via Qfil and even after all the operation is successful Zuk can even start to boot but hangs in the boot animation or simply in the Zuk logo (before launching the boot animation). With ROM Stock 2.3...
  5. bruneba

    SELL SOLD! VENDIDO! Zuk Z2 Pro 128gb Branco - Brazil only

    Venda somente para o Brasil Completo com película frente e verso e 3 cases. Branco 128gb memoria e 6gb ram Veja o anuncio com todas as descrições: Anúncio com parcelamento sem juros e frete gratis pra todo o Brasil...
  6. J

    Zuk z2 pro type c port

    Is it just me or the charger on the zuk z2 pro unplugs very easily, if i move my phone a bit it stops charging
  7. BeGeek

    [ROM] [8.1.0] [OFFICIEL] Resurrection Remix O v.6.0.0 [03/15], ROM pour le Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro

    Poste copié coller avec Google traduction depuis XDA, merci aux Devs de ce bouger pour notre Z2 Pro :) Code: #include <std_disclaimer.h> / * * Votre garantie est maintenant annulée. * * Je ne suis pas responsable des appareils maçonnés, des cartes SD mortes, * guerre thermonucléaire, ou vous...
  8. J

    Need help, z2 pro bricked!!

    in adb i used the command adb reboot edl and the screen went black i was flashing zui 1.9 via qfil and qfil detected port 9008 so i clicked download, and it saahra failed, now qfil still detect port 9008 but it always fails the screens is still black pressing the power button and the volume...
  9. BeGeek


    Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM Official Mokee Open Source Project ? /!\ CETTE OPÉRATION COMPORTE DES RISQUES /!\ On ne sera point tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés Avec Antutu, Zolieeeeee Score :p Un Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro [Z2Pro] Avoir déverrouiller son...
  10. bruneba

    Do you want to update to Oreo? READ THIS FIRST!

    Ok so now we can update stock Zui to Android 8. But you must do some things first before updating to make sure everything will work properly. Many users claim that something isnt working fine, isnt syncing or are crashing so: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING, DONT BE LAZY... TRY AS DESCRIBED HERE BEFORE...
  11. P

    Display or bricked ZUK Z2 Pro

    Hi, I'm looking for display unit or broken/bricked ZUK Z2 Pro. My has broken screen, nothing shows on it. Does anyone have for sale? I prefer whit version and shipping from Poland, but it doesn't really matters.
  12. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp fixed

    THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED, CLICK HERE FOR A NEW VERSION Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp & Gapps FIX

    Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5.231 DOWNLOAD: Google Drive...
  14. bruneba

    Zui_8 Oreo + GApps + Google Camera

    NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- I installed this over 3.5.204 and nothing was wiped, it was like a system update. If something isnt working for you, crashing, etc. Make a clean flash before install this rom. Original download link 3.5.217 Google Drive link 3.5.217...
  15. bruneba

    Newbie Paradise FAQ - read this before creating a new thread

    Use Ctrl+F to search for keywords like: "bootloader", "update","sahara" etc... "Finally I got my beloved Zuk. :p -But wait, it isnt turning on... -But wait, it isnt turning off... - I cant get notifications in time.. - I cant get notification at all... - why my phone is rebooting so often? -...
  16. bruneba

    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    I want to thanks @mar.ur , @tuncayeser and @Emmaus to help with this tutorial. now the rom is more stable than before. NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- please activate the caption. ------------------------------------------------------------------ JUST AFTER INSTALLING...
  17. J


    Hi everyone. Im having a big trouble with my zuk z2. When I unlock my phone using fingerprint, always open the Whatsapp. When I unlock using a pattern or a pin it doesnt happen. I dont put to open any app on the options in U-Touch. Can anyone help me? This is driving me crazy
  18. H

    Daten retten bei defektem Display

    Hi Leute, leider habe ich den Display meines Zuk Z2 Pro kaputt gemacht. Ich würde jedoch gern die Daten darauf retten. Allgemeine Infos: Display ist und bleibt schwarz, Benachrichtigungs-LED funktionniert, Vibration funktioniert, (ich glaube) Fingerabdrucksensor funktioniert: USB-Debugging ist...
  19. J

    Zuk Z2 Pro

    Hola He repetido modelo ya que cuando salió me le compré con la rom en inglés y en chino, pero se me estalló la pantalla contra el suelo y salía mas barato comprar uno que reparar. 128GB Disco y 6GB RAM. Ande o no ande... Me le he comprado y me ha venido con el ZUI 2.3.044 ST con multiidioma Mi...
  20. J

    Z2 Pro - Perte signal 4G rom AEX

    Salut ! J'ai acheté mon ZUK Z2 PRO sur Bangood avec la fameuse rom du revendeur qui n'est pas maintenue à jour. Ce week-end j'ai décidé de prendre mon courage à 2 mains et de tenter de flasher vers la rom AEX dont je n'ai lu que du bien. Jusqu'ici tout va bien sauf pour 1 point : la 4G. En...