zuk z2 pro

  1. woza77

    Co zainstalować?

    Mam ZUK Z2 Pro z ROMem ZUI 2.5.462. Jakie aplikacje ze sklepu Google Play lub z poza sklepu powinienem zainstalować, aby działał prawidłowo? Zależy mi na prawidłowej synchronizacji z kontem Google (poczta, sklep, kontakty, kalendarz, chmura i inne), kontem OneDrive, MEGA. Chodzi mi o wszystkie...
  2. bruneba

    I cant update, please help

    I did a flash to lock bootloader and remove root, (i use 1.9) but now I cant update, there isnt any update available in System update... what can I do? I tried to use FlyVPN but I couldnt find china to connect i need to update via ota, I cant flash to a recent version
  3. O

    ZUK Z2 pro Zui ROM CN+EN

    Γεια σας Πηρα απο Ελλαδα ενα zuk z2 pro στα βιαστικα,αφου ξεμεινα απο κινητο λογω καταστροφης απο πεσιμο του παλιου μου,με την International ROM .Αθλια ROM και χωρις πολλη σκεψη την εβγαλα πιστευοντας οτι θα εβρισκα καποια καλυτερη .Ερριξα διαβασμα,εκανα unlock bootloader,εγκατασταση του...
  4. R

    ZUI version 1.9.104 ST now doesnt upgrade OTA

    Ive tried with this ROM because it close the bootloader and realy works, but now it dont upgrade, anyone knows why? or how can i remove banggood ROM to make it official with OTA?
  5. F

    Battery problem with AEX 4.6

    Hello guys, I have a ZUK Z2 PRO, and your battery is too bad. It's only getting a few hours, I think about 12 hours. And screen at most only 2 hours. Can anyone help me with this? or confirm if this is really it. Thanks in advance.
  6. A

    ZUK Z2 Pro lädt nichtmehr von 0%

    Hallo liebe Community, Ich brauche leider wieder Hilfe für mein defektes ZUK Z2 Pro. Nachdem ich den Akku habe leer gehen lassen und das Handy von alleine aus gegangen ist, lässt sich der Akku leider nichtmehr aufladen. Das gleiche hatte ich vor ein paar Wochen schonmal nur, dass es da nach ein...
  7. T

    ZUI 2.3.044 update

    Hello guys, This is my first post to the forum. Has anyone upgraded to ZUI 2.3.044ST for ZUK Z2 pro? how is it?I didn't upgrade and still running the stocks. Actually I am pretty satisfied with the current performance. If there is no huge development, then I may not download the updates...
  8. M

    Front camera doesn't work

    Hi, I bought a Zuk Z2 Pro in Gearbest's website. Yesterday I received the cellphone, and during some tests I realized that the front camera is not working. Everytime I change the view to the front camera appears a error message (I attached a picturescreen of the error message). I tested the...
  9. P

    Fingerprint sensor

    I just bought a new ZUK Z2 PRO form gearbest. It havent installed or updatet anything regarding the OS or the firmware It was delivered 5 days ago. Everything was working fine until yesterday. My fingerprint isnt recognized anymore aswell as just touching (not pressing) the home bottun. When i...
  10. bartez1

    Wgranie najnowszego systemu Zuk Z2 Pro

    Witam, mam takie pytanie kupiłem Zuk Z2 Pro przyszedł z wersją systemu 2.1.120 ST wersja globalna to nie ma OTA i teraz chcę wgrać ZUI 2.5 tylko tak nie wiem czy w 2.5 jest język polski oraz czy trzeba coś dodatkowo robić/wgrać czy mogę bezpośrednio zgodnie z tą instrukcją(nie mogę jeszcze...
  11. P

    Problem z odblokowaniem bootloadera

    Witam, ostatnio próbowałem odblokować bootloader w moim zuk z2 pro podążając śladem różnych poradników, w tym poradnik na yt rootbloga dot zuk z2 i innych w których robiło się to za pomocą adb. Problem w tym, że kiedy telefon jest w fastboot mode, to nie działa opcja "unlobk bootloader" w...
  12. S

    ZUK Z2 Pro 6/126 White

    Selling absolutely new ZUK Z2 Pro 6/126 White Will add iPaky ultra thin silicon case Price 255 Euro + shipping
  13. S

    Zuk Z2 Pro (z2121) Notifications Issue with SafeCenter Disabled (MultiLanguage Custom ROM)

    Hello..! I have read similar posts some other times but none of them gave me exactly the answers I wanted..! So I'm starting a new one..! Two weeks ago, I received a Zuk Z2 Pro (z2121) I purchased from BangGood..! It came with a Multilanguage ROM (probably a Custom Firmware or a Rooted Official...
  14. Trane1000

    SELL Sur z2pro white

    Hi there, I sell my zuk z2 pro cause I bought another phone. It's the 6go 128go version 5.2 screen It's in pretty good state except a small hit in the front part ( offscreen), you'll see in the pictures provided. Working like a charm, battery in excellent condition and all accessories...
  15. G

    Cual ZUK comprar?

    Hola gente, estoy pensando en comprar un ZUK edge 4GB ram por 255 dolares en aliexpress, aunque no se si comprar ese o un ZUK Z2 Pro de 6 gb de ram por 270 dolares, que me recomiendan? Es muy importante la diferencia de 2 GB de ram? Se va a notar el SnapDragon 621 en vez del 620? Es mejor el Z2...
  16. Hydro

    [SOLVED][RR 5.8.3] Issue when connecting the phone to my computer

    Hello ! When I connect my Zuk Z2 Pro to my computer, the notification from Android System pops up and ask for the type of connection I want, but the list is empty (see screenshot). The only way to fix this is to go in dev options and pick manually, every time. Also, when I manage to get MTP...
  17. bruneba

    Antutu score on zuk z2 pro

    I couldnt find a similar thread for zuk z2 pro, only for z2 plus. So share with us whats your score and which rom are you using Im at stock 2.5.435, no root or bootloader unlocked Here is my s7 score, no root and up to date.
  18. J

    Dark smudge on camera

    When I open the camera app there's always a dark smudge on the bottom left corner, and it stays when I take a photo Is the camera lens scratched or dirty?
  19. diamantius

    ZUK Z2 PRO bricked and can't even shut it down

    I tried reverting to stock 1.9 with QFIL method 2. But I started getting the dreaded "sahara" error, although the package contents were placed inside c:\ZUK as instructed. Anyway, I tried several times and at one point it started downloading, only to fail a few seconds later. And that's it. The...
  20. J

    Safe path from Custom shop ROM to Stock ZUI ROM

    Hello everyone! I am another noob user that ordered a ZUK Z2 PRO from Banggood and naturally will want to get rid of the the pre-installed shop rom so that I can fully benefit from the phone's full features through OTA updates. I started investigating the web to find the best solution for my...