zuk z2 pro

  1. marcG

    Bricked after installing new rom

    Hello, I've managed to brick my zuk z2 pro (Z2121) big times and have no idea what to do. Hopefully one of you guys has a solution, because I'm starting to lose hope. What I've done: I've successfully unlocked my bootloader rooted my device and installed TWRP with this tutorial...
  2. O

    zuk z2 pro custom rom - needed support ( a lot of..)

    Hi* I've received my Z2pro off course I need another rom and root. so much I understand (and have loved with my previous phone..) And there it begins. I have absolutely no idea about twerp bootlock bootloader adp flash.... (and yes I've read several hours (> 20h) and it wasnt even enough to...
  3. bruneba

    [HOW TO] Badge Notification on Stock Rom and "Set Default Home" Shortcut

    Notification badges working for all apps in this launcher. (dont forget to allow notifications in application settings) You can set this launcher as default and dont need Nova Launcher to do it, in this video I'll show you how. You can set any launcher as default using this method, it is...
  4. S

    ROM Q&A How to install a custom ROM for ZUK Z2 PRO ?

    Q&A How to install a custom ROM for ZUK Z2 PRO ? Please feel free to contribute actively to this topic to clarify everything... 1) What is the current official recovery ? Reliable source link ? "The stock recovery is a minimal, limited system. It’s designed to be ignored, and it can...
  5. MRDA

    ZUK Z2 Pro: Black Model

    Why is this phone a) Markedly more expensive in black and b) markedly harder to get hold of in that colour? It's coming up to a year since its release, so one would think it'd be substantially reduced in price!
  6. diamantius

    ZUI 2.5.335 ST - Low Geekbench 4 scores

    Hello, I recently received my Z2 Pro 6/128 which I immediately flashed via QFIL to 2.5.335 stock. Although I am not a big fan of benchmarks, I ran geekbench to compare to the S7 edge and S6 of a friend of mine. Well, the scores are too low for a 820-based flagship, they are even lower than the...
  7. O

    Help!!! unable to ADB nor Qfil flash Zuk z2 pro

    Hi I'm fucked, i was testing "screeen shift" app but things went wrong and now I'm unable to use the touchscreen nor even able to see whats going on. Developers posted (on Xda) to reset screen settings with adb comands but I cant accept adb Confirmation prompt. It seems that USB debugging is...
  8. MRDA

    ZUK Z2 Pro: American compatibility

    Would I be able to use this phone without any issues if I visited the States, or would I have to watch out for the correct signal/carrier?
  9. M

    Cell Broadcast / Cell Info

    Dear all Does someone know how I disable "channel 50 broadcasts"? Within "Settings > Messaging > Community BroadCast" i clicked in the upper right on the "..." to enter "Cell Broadcast settings". I was able to disable all sorts of settings like "Turn on notifications". Unfortunately when I...
  10. J

    Zuk z2 pro bricked

    when i boot my zuk z2 pro it goes to a menu where i can select recovery, fastboot and power off i've tried use qfil but it says no port available what should i do? help
  11. B

    ZUI 2.5.335 ST - Bluetooth calls, microphone not working

    Hello, I already had this problem since day one on 2.3.044 ST (I cannot tell for previous ZUI versions because I updated directly after the QFIL flash) but I can't use bluetooth MIC to make some calls. My car is a BMW 216. When receiving or making a call, music is well cut so Bluetooth is...
  12. F

    Zuk Z2 Pro and Z2 Are Getting Nougat Next Week

  13. D

    Bootloop Zuk Z2 Pro help!

    Hey Zukfans! I bought a new zuk z2 pro from gearbest and it came with the international ROM. First I unlocked the deverloper options, then I unlocked the bootloader. After that I tried to install the stock ROM...
  14. V

    Development of CM14 etc. Android 7

    Hi. Since development thread of cyanogenmod gets a little bit out of scale, in terms of visibility, I thought about starting a new one, concerning android nougat. I've heard about many developers doing there own stuff on android 7. But since the glorious build of Emmaus we haven't seen any...
  15. C

    DLNA or Miracast support

    hello i want to buy easycast dongle similar ti google chromecast dongle. will z2 pro support this? in the description on dongle is said to work device needs to have dlna or miracast
  16. C

    Zuk account - U health

    Hello I bought ZUK Z2 PRO with international ROM. U-health application was missing but I was able to find it on net and install it. Now I have issue to use it as it ask for ZUK account, but I am not able to register nor login. Please advice. Is there english U health app somewhere?
  17. R

    bad cellular connection

    Hi, has anyone experienced an issue with the cellular network selection? My Zuk Z2 pro badly connects automatically. I had to set the prefered network as being 3G to have something almost acceptable but very often I have to manually select my network. I live in a cross border region, so the...
  18. Hydro

    I accidentaly deleted the ROM on my Zuk Z2 pro

    Hello there ! I'm not sure to be in the right section for looking for help, redirect me if needed. I was trying to flash my device with TWRP recovery to get Mokee on my phone. I had a lot of trouble but finally everything was ok and I just had to press "flash". But after that, the process...
  19. K

    TWRP 3.0.2 Touchscreen doesn't respond

    Hey Guys! I flashed my recovery with the international version of TWRP 3.0.2 (from this thread http://zukfans.eu/community/threads/zuk-z2-download-links-zuk-z2-zuk-z2-plus-z2131.291/#post-3719) and it worked without an error. If i now enter the recovery, i see the start screen of TWRP with a...
  20. Ossie

    Benchmark Results & Updates (Z2 Pro currently)

    Hey there! It's been forever since I posted a thread anywhere, but I'm gonna start with a rant, skip a head if you like. Recently I purchased the Z2 Pro after putting off upgrading for a very long time, both due to availability issues with the devices I was after and always being broke. I spent...