zuk z2 pro

  1. F

    Case Recommendation Thread

    Hello everyone :) I am looking for a case for my new black zuk z2 pro. Do you already have any favourites you'd like to recommend to me? It shouldn't break on first sight and not look to shabby on black obviously. Also as I guess I'm not the only one looking for one you are welcome to...
  2. C

    Internal Speakers

    Hi, The internal speakers is not clear when call or receive a call. Did anyone face such issue and how to fix this? Thanks
  3. C

    Google Account

    Hi I get this message always when try to add Google account: Couldn't sign in There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later. Anyone can help??? Thanks
  4. N1TeSH1FT

    [Solved] Rooting Z2 Pro

    Edit 12.07.2016 16:47: Works! Device is rooted! Edit 12.07.2016 16:37: Just some minutes ago Jazzypit postet this: http://zukfans.eu/community/threads/root-and-xposed.71/ I'm trying it right now... ###Original Message### As of today I was able to unlock the Z2 Pro as mentioned in another...
  5. Fue

    ZUI German Translation / Deutsche Übersetzung

    *** This thread is for those of us who want to contribute to and coordinate the German translation of ZUI and its proprietary apps. Therefore this thread is of course in German. Dieser Thread ist für all diejenigen unter uns, die zur deutschen Übersetzung von ZUI sowie dessen proprietären Apps...