1080p 60 fps is it even possible?!

Mar 13, 2019
As far as i know sd820 is capable of shooting 1080p 60fps.
Stock, aicp pie, aosp ex pie, NONE of these platforms allowed me to shoot a 1080p 60fps video. Ive used almost all camera apps, including stock and gcam mods. Some of them think they are shoot in 60, but the recorded video is 30 fps. In most cases even the file size is the same, even tho the app thinks it is shooting 60fps.
Gcam had different size files and that gave me hope, but vlc media info shows they are both 30fps video with different bitrates.

Ive seen geeks post 60fps videos on youtube shoot by Zuk Z2, some claim they even did a 4k/60.

So my question is, is it even possible to shoot 60fps 1080p on Zuk Z2 plus!? what was your experience like?! Please share.


ZUKFans Staff
Staff member
Sep 6, 2016
Short answer: on CustomRoms it is actually not possible.
There was a nougat version somewhen (I think it was an AEX version) where 1080/60p was working but had problems with syncing audio to video.
Actually there is no workaround so profile was deleted to not confuse users.