4.0.282 st

Jul 19, 2017
I got the OTA and the phone has all of a suffen started behaving in a much better way. I really like the update.

Now my Edge is used as a second phone these days so sometimes the battery runs out. Now with no battery when I connect it to a charger I can't seem to get it started. When I press long, I hear the vibration but the screen is always black.


New Member
Jun 14, 2018
I install zui 201 St firmware through Qfil, the update was install and reset the phone, activate Wifi, the 3.5 386 St firmware appear through OTA, continued download, installed, again zui 4 267 St firmware appear, installed it and get the last update zui 4.0 282 St, download and installed it and appear that the update app was open to the unlocked cell, as I show it at the video.