ROM [8.0.0_r11][ALPHA] AospExtended ROM V5.0 [Z2 PRO] by davidevinavil


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Jul 27, 2016
Just came back from Cosmic 3.1 yesterday. Feel like home with this rom.
First impressions :
-weather tile is back -from 4.6- (yeees)
-battery icon customization is back -from 4.6- (yees x100)
-Love the built-in theme (light/dark/black/AEX/based on wallpaper + color accentuation)
-Max brightness seems to be higher than before, so my only concern with that phone is over. And minimum brightness is low enough to use the Zuk in darkness without a dimmer.
-UI is fast (and furious), no lags.
-EDIT : ok found it under "menu button"/short press. Make sense. (I didn't find the swipe right button action, but probably my fault).
-Really love the pixel launcher except for one annoying thing. Default home page is always, no way to change it. I'm a user of the duck(duckgo) and it's a pain for me. I stay on lawnchair for now.
-Can't tell about battery for now, but everything looks fine.
Once again (and again) thanks to devs, and thanks to Davide.
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