AOSP Extended 8.1 vs. Cosmic OS 8.1


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Sep 6, 2016

So RR is better than Cosmic.

But between RR and AEX which rom is the best because I use AEX since the 4.5 and I tested RR at the time who had not convinced me (lack of update (security patch) and less stable to the time. I would like a little advice from those who have tested Oreo version
AEX 5.3 is actually a bit buggy as it has changed to trebalized version.

RR is not trebalized yet.

Both are in official branch. You can expect Updates.
AEX has OTA functionality built-in already.
RR is missing this feature for first release. Will be there soon.

On both latest security patches from March are integrated.

From stability view I suggest RR actually.
But stability will most probably be fixed for AEX with next update.
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Jun 14, 2017
Thank you

I just reinstall AEX today but it's true that in recent weeks it was buggy (Blue led and battery drain).
I will wait a few days and if it is still buggy I will test RR.
I saw that it was an official version of RR so surely more followed.

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