Battery drainage and replacement


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Oct 17, 2018
A week ago i had a problem with my battery.. it was draining very fast and last only for 5 hours and my mobile shut down from itself...i thought it is software problem and i had the last update of the chinese rom in my zuk z2 so i flashed 1.9 chinese rom then i flashed again 2.0.093 indian rom but the problem is remained and nothing changed
Iam from Egypt and i tried to find battery to buy online but i found that it will take 30 days to arrive to my country so instead i went to mobile repair shop and he find the most suitable battery for zuk z2 is samsung glaxy note 5 battery.. the only difference is that note 5 battery is 3000 mah and zuk z2 is 3500 mah

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Jan 20, 2017
Its a different battery cell, with a different connector. Also, the battery on this image seems to be in a terrible state (seems to be swolen).

Dont ever try to put another device's battery on this phone. The size may not match, and even then, the circuitry to charge is different, so you may end having bad effects from it.

A smaller battery 3000mAh from the Note in comparison with 3500mAh from Zuk just means it will have less total charge, and less battery life in a day.


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Sep 6, 2016
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