Boost Music with (DOLBY ) and other Performance on Z2PRO 4.0.247


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Feb 6, 2017
- Your are on stock ZUI Rom (rooted Magisk V18.0)

Oreo-Pie]Dolby Digital Plus-[UNiTY][Light]

How to install DOLBY:
after successful root, you go Magisk> Modules> and tap on + pick the above Download Folder> restart system. you are boosted with Dolby !
2. Change DPI

Open Developer options, scroll down to Smallest width. This is the option which you can change DPI on your phone. Type any DPI which you want, tap on OK to confirm. (recommended 320-370
3. you can boost performance with change the Animation scale Values;
Windows animation scale to 0,5x
Transition animation scale to 0,5x
Animator duration scale to 0,5x

have fun

I am fully responsible for all damages happening to you Device,
nonsense, I'm not :p !


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