Dead phone after batter replacement!

Jul 6, 2019
Hi! This is Valerio from Italy. I'm experiencing a very annoying issue. I've been replacing my Z2 PRO battery, because of its short life charge. When I troed to boot up my phone didn't start, led lights noto working, no vibrations. I was pretty sure of what I was doing so I didn't backup any data. Thanks in advance for the answers.


ZUKFans Staff
Staff member
Sep 6, 2016
Thanks! Is it possibile that i got a fake battery? Because I cant even get the red light while charging with the new battery.
some batteries are just bad. I had two that are not charging.
Actually Lehehe brand batteries seems to be the best ones, get them through Aliexpress. They are good with temperature and capacity according to user experiences.
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