Do you want to update to Oreo? READ THIS FIRST!


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Apr 8, 2017
Ok so now we can update stock Zui to Android 8. But you must do some things first before updating to make sure everything will work properly.
Many users claim that something isnt working fine, isnt syncing or are crashing so:



First of all, flash rom 1.9 and then update OTA to the latest version. You can find all info on how to do and links here.

Now that you are on 3.1, open the App Center (chinese playstore) and download Google Playstore and contact sync.
Open playstore and login (you can uninstall App Center if you want)

Now download this dialer and this contact app.

Open google contacts and login to your google account, same for the dialer.
Go to safe center and add both apps to auto start app.
Go to app manager and enable all permission for both apps.

add google contact sync to autostart too (not the associated autostart)

Now you can update.
Download the 3.5 OTA and put it in phone storage and rename the file.

It must be "" (.zip is te file extension)

Go to system update, click on the 3 dots on upper right screen and load system recovery.

Now choose english and install update.

*If it fail, download the file again, it may be corrupted.

After the first boot on 3.5, download and install this app.

Go to settings, apps & notifications, default apps and set the dialer you have downloaded before as default.

Open Security (old Safe Center) and make sure Google Contact Sync is on autostart white list.
If for any reason this app inst in your phone after the update, download it here again.

Thats it.

To search OTA updates, download Transocks app and click on the big button and accept VPN connection. (Maybe you wont need this app to find OTA)

After that you can search for OTA update.

If you know that there is an update out but the System Update app didnt find it, just clean cache and data of System Update app and reboot, connect to Transocks VPN and search OTA again.

Ok, if you have bootloader unlocked that means you want a rooted phone running android 8, but to prevent some issues, first flash rom 1.9 and then update via OTA to the latest version (3.1) or flash 3.1 just after flashing 1.9 (dont skip 1.9 steps)
**Rom 1.9 will lock your bootloader again**

See here how to do it, there is a lot of info that worth reading.

Now you should be on 3.1, then you can unlock bootloader again (see here, but dont install TWRP yet)

Open App Center (the chinese playstore) and download playstore.
Open playstore and install all your stuff, apps, set your account etc...

Download Simpler Dialer and Goocle Contacts

download and install this and this

Login to Dialer and Google contacts, accept all permission if it ask you to.

Now open the app Safe Center and add important apps to auto start list (dont tick it, add to white list)

Ok, download 3.1 to 3.5 OTA and put it in the phone storage.

rename the OTA to (.zip is the extension)

Time to update!

Charge your phone to at least 30% battery before updating

Open the System Update app and click on the three dots to boot to System Recovery.

Chose English and Install an update.
Wait until it finish

If it fail, maybe you rename the file wrong or put it inside a folder.
Put it in /phone and make sure the file is named "update" remember that the .zip is the file extension, not its name.

(I use the stock file manager app to see it properly in my phone)

After rebooting, go to settings, apps & notifications, default apps and set all default apps.

Use Simpler Dialer as default dialer.

Update the Google partner setup

Now open the app Security and make sure that Simpler Dialer and Google Contacts are on white list. (dont tick it, add to white list)

add google contact sync to autostart too (not the associated autostart)
If for any reason this app inst in your phone after the update, download it here again.

now open Simpler dialer to see if it synced your contacts.
if it ask for permission, give it. if you be stuck on that, just wipe cache and data.

Now, time to Root!

Install TWRP 3.2 (see here again)

Download magisk .zip and install it with TWRP 3.2

To make OK google work on any screen, install the google search app first if you dont have it already.

Download ES file explorer and give it Root access

Open the ES file explorer and go to /data /app
Cut the google search app folder and copy to /system /piv-app

Now you can set ok google on any screen.

Thats it.

Dont forget (doesnt matter which Zui version you are, it is mandatory :p) to disable battery optimization, add all important apps to autostart list on safe center (Security in 3.5) and lock the app in active app drawer

Thats all, enjoy Android Oreo in your ZUK Z2 Pro :)

PS: Stock dialer wont sync your google contacts, thats why I recommend Simpler dialer and Google Contact app in this tutorial

Having issues to sync your google contacts? Click here

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Nov 4, 2016
Hello @bruneba , great tutorial. Do you recommend to install play store at 1.9 or at 3.5? Does 3.5 include google services or we have to install them from Chinese app store ?


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Apr 8, 2017
Bro im not getting the option of that dialer in default dailer..any idea?
What is appearing for you? Post a screenshot.

Im using this dialer as default on both phones, locked and unlocked.

You can try other dialer too of course
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Feb 10, 2018
I downloaded simpler dailer from playpstore but its been always like that. I never get options of other dialers. I downloaded google dailer too but no option of setting it as default dailer. And it deosnt appears like that in my phone. Doing a reset,maybe it works.


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Apr 8, 2017
The link in this tutorial is from playstore. Did you tried to do as in this tutorial from scratch?

Btw whats your zui version right now?
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