Fix GPS issues (and SIM)


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Jan 22, 2018
Thank you all, I fixed my ZUK Z1 GPS problem

Here is my tutorial with all needed files :

This is how to repair broken GPS on Lenovo ZUK Z1

1. Flash Lenovo ZUK Z1 with 7DF stock rom :
This ROM sucks because it is Android 5.1.1 BUT it is the only way to fix GPS baseband
(See :

2. Once 7DF firmware is flashed, download "GPS Test" app and play with GPS : for sure it will work again ;)
Note : this step is mandatory before step 3 !

3. As Android 5.1.1 sucks, for sure you want to install last lineage android 7.1, with GPS fixed ! :)
Follow the steps 3 to unlock this old Android (

4. This old version of TWRP (twrp-3.0.2-0-Z1.img) will work with ZUK Z1 Android 5.1.1, but there is a trick :

Once you are in fastboot mode, flash twrp with the following command and DO NOT REBOOT !
fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-Z1.img (DO NOT REBOOT YET)

Then, press Volume + AND Volume - simultaneaously and send this command :
fastboot reboot (keep Volume + and Volume - down until you see TWRP on screen)

5. Install last lineageOS : Follow official instructions as usual.

Note : this procedure (steps 1 to 5) has to be repeated from step 1 each time you decide to install a new lineage update.... overwise you will get a bad GPS reception

I wish you a successfull GPS repair (this procedure is 100% tested many times on my Lenovo Zuk Z1)

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