Flashing screen

Dec 28, 2018
Hello everyone
I have a Zuk Z2 Plus with the ZUI 4.0.199ST installed, but I needed to replace the battery.
I made the exchange yesterday and at first it worked normal but after a few hours the battery discharged and I placed to charge normally. I expected to charge 100% to start the device again. Started normal, but after unlocking with the password no application appears and the screen is blinking. Can someone help me?

Thank you!!


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Jan 20, 2017
cable with bad condition near the connector... But it maybe a battery fault.
Zuks with bad battery seems to have different behaviours, but the common ones get stuck on boot screen, low performance (stutters, lags for instance), force close of apps, dont charger after some percentage or even dont work at all.

Try getting a new battery, it may resolve your issue, but keep in mind that it can be only a system problem, maybe you should try to do a clean flash before swaping the battery again...