Forgot screen lock password - how to solve?


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Oct 8, 2019
Hi all! I have a somewhat embarassing problem.

My son is using my ZUK Z2 Pro. He loves it, thinks it´s awsome and loves that no one else has it

So the other day, he decided to change his password for the screen lock. Problem is, now he doesn´t remember his new password.... he has tried at least 100 different ones and cannot remember it.

I´m trying to find a way how to solve this. Erasing the device via Google find my device doesn´t seem to work. There is an erase/wipe option, but nothing happens when I click it.

I think the phone was running on stock ROM and stock recovery (not sure but I think I tried different ROMs on it but decided to flash stock ROM before giving it to him). At least when I boot into recovery it looks like some stock recovery. I don´t have any option to wipe/reset device in there, just to flash (which fails).

Bootloader seems locked. I tried to issue a "fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go" via fastboot, but it fails. USB debugging is probably not enabled, if that makes any difference.

The phone doesn´t seem to mount on the PC properly. I can see the phone in the explorer in Windows, but I cannot copy anything to it. I have installed the USB drivers.

Also tried to flash it via Qfil, but the phone is not recognized by Qfil when I connect it.

Any ideas?? Feels so stupid not to be able to solve this, I mean it´s a perfectly good phone with one small issue that seems nearly impossible to get around. At least son leared a lesson :D