Google apps for Zuk (calendar sync)

Jun 18, 2018

So I updated my phone to the latest version ZUI 3.5.388 ST
and I just realized that my calendars are not syncing ... Even worse I realized that in my accounts settings I do not have the calendar sync option :-o (i do have contacts, app, etc)...
SO I am guessing that my Google calendar sync app is not working or not the good one...

Before getting and trying a random one... I wanted to ask here:
which version of Google Calendar sync system app you have (while using ZUI 3.5.388), and does it works?
(you can find it if ou go to settings, apps, see all apps including system, and go to google calendar sync system, and see version)

Jun 18, 2018

So if anyone is interesting in why my calendar sync was not working... well

For information, i am using version 3.5.388 ST
the google calendar sync version is 5.2.3-99827563-release

My situation was that I could not see the switch for calendar sync in my setup/accounts/google account information...

The reason was:
Security application had deactivated automatic launch of the sync app...
By activating it, it re-apeared again, and sync is back!!!


Sometimes too much security and protection, makes things quite complicated...^^