Guide How to Properlly install a Custom Rom [Newbie]

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Jan 20, 2017
Hello Guys, I'm doing this step by step because I see that for a great number of users it's the first time they are installing a custom rom on an android device, so I will create this massive thread in order to explain the most newbie proof way I can, presuming you know what a custom rom already is.

  1. Download the Rom you want from its respective thread here on the forum
  2. Download the Google Package Apps (Gapps) from one of the links:
Open GApps*: > Here you need to Select "ARM64" and the version of the Rom you'll install. 6.0 for Marshmallow, 7.0 and 7.1.x are for Nougat

Bean GApps*:

*(without going too much deeper) The difference between then is just how they are compiled and they should behave the same, so flash which you one you preffer.

-From down there you'll need to erase your data partition, so BACKUP everything important before going further!-


Unlock your bootloader following this guide*:

*This will erase ALL your userdata and System settings

Download TWRP:
Those are for Z2 Plus Only!

Fedor Modded version:

Advantages over official are explained on the thread

TWRP Official:

Install TWRP By doing the following

  1. With ADB Debugging On (Follow Unlock bootloader guide to turn it on again) connect the phone to the PC
  2. Open a Command Prompt on windows and type:
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Then:
    Fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash recovery *Put the location of the TWRP file img you downloaded here*
  4. On the fone, click on the volume button until the option "Recovery Mode" appears on the top of the screen, then press Power Button

- The first time on the TWRP, it will ask you permissions to perform system modifications, just Swipe to confirm-
  1. On TWRP go to Wipe > Format Data > Type "yes" to confirm DONT REBOOT
  2. Go back to Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select "Cache" > Swipe to Wipe DONT REBOOT
  3. Back to Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select "System" > Swipe to Wipe DONT REBOOT

Info: The stock Rom have a EXT4 file system, and they're compatible just with this file system. Some custom roms are compatible with F2Fs file system. F2Fs have some better performance in comparison with EXT4, like a little better file management, better write and read speed access which in turn make the system to have a better "smoothness", if you try to flash a customized Stock Rom such as Deodexed Indian or Chinese version, or Even GizRom, Global ZUI by Franko or BShuy's Rom on a F2Fs file System, you will end up with Black Screen and White Led Soft Brick, to recover the function of the system if this happens, just turn off the phone by holding Power Button for about 30 Secs, go to TWRP and Change the file system back to EXT4 on the "advanced wipe" section and then flash the rom again after all wipes.


- After the complete Wipe and with TWRP still Open, connect the Phone to PC, it should recognize it as a external storage. Copy the ROM Files and GApps Files to the internal storage of the phone (in case you want to use a custom rom)

- If you want to use a modded Stock Fimware Rom, just copy the Rom file to the internal storage (since modded Stock roms already have gapps built in)

  1. Go to Install > Select the Rom File > Swipe to flash / Do the same to the Gapps
  2. Click on "Wipe Caches" just bellow the Log of the Flash session
  3. Then click on "Reboot System"
The first boot should take longer since the Rom is unpacking some more info behind the boot animation so control your ansiety a little more :D

Wait for the rom to Setlle and enjoy your bright new completelly clean Rom!​
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