how install twrp


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Jun 19, 2018
i flashed my zuk zi but when i need to install twrp by using my phone on fastboot my computer dont detect my phone
when i put my phone in fasboot i see in the screen only ZUk not fastoot
i installed the usb zuk driver


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Jun 19, 2018
how install twrp without put my phone on fastboot because i try to install with fastboot but i cant because some problem in my phone after reboot him with hardbrick
Jan 30, 2018
Hi klai,
I have recently installed twrp and the last version of AEX ROM on my Zuk Z1. You will need adb and fastboot tools (I guess that you already have them).That is what I did:
1) Download the latest TWRP image for Z1 (ham) from official TWRP web and save it in the adb folder.
2) Unlock developer options (7 touches in compilation number), allow android debugging and activate advanced restart.
3) Connect mobile and computer by usb.
4) Open cmd on the folder where adb is installed (and where the TWRP image should be).
IMPORTANT: by following step 5, all data in your phone is going to be removed, make sure to have backups of all you want.
5) Run command: fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go (mobile would reset to factory and restart)
6) Repeat step 2.
7) Run command: adb reboot fastboot
8) Run command: fastboot -i 0x2b4c boot recovery.img (this is the image downloaded in step 1). The phone will reboot and enter in TWRP mode.
9) Copy the TWRP image (the one from step 1) to the internal storage of the phone.
10) From the phone (in TWRP mode): touch install > install image > select TWRP image > select recovery partition.
This is all you need to install TWRP as recovery mode. Then, you can flash ROMs as the regular form. I recommend you to install the AEX ROM (5.8).
11) Wipe cache, dalvik, system, data.
11) Copy the ZIP file to the internal storage of the phone.
12) Touch install > zip from AEX.
13) Wipe cache and dalvik.
14) Reboot to system.

Now you will have TWRP as recovery mode and AEX operating system, with android Oreo.

Hope it works for you, tell me if I may help you .