How to know if i got a Custom ROM?


New Member
Mar 19, 2020
Hi! i'm new! i want to upload the android version of my Zuk Z2 Pro.

i got the ZUI Version: 2.1.120 ST. i want to know if i can do the update to another android version with this version of my ZUI or i have to update it.

I had understood that if i'm able to change my settings to another languages like spanish it means that i have a Custom ROM, but i'm not really sure. sorry if this sounds kinda dumb and this is my very first time reading about all these things.

I want to know what's the saffest way to update my android version, i hope you guys can help me and sorry for my poor english, i'm from mexico and my english isn't that good tho.

i'll add a SS of my phone info