Indian 2.5.104 qpst ROM

Jan 20, 2019
Guys, sorry to bring this topic back up but I downloaded the ROM from this Google Drive link and I'm stuck behind the FRP wall. The system is asking me to log in with an account that has been used in the device. My account won't work (which was active in the device) and I assume this ROM is carrying information from the account of the person that uploaded it.
I flashed the ROM through QFIL. It had a working ZUI 2.0.133ST, but, since Indian ROMs aren't getting the update for 2.5 anymore, I tried flashing this ROM you posted.
The problem is I cannot get to the system config to enable USB debug to flash the older version available or get the phone started on Android. I checked a few videos showing how to bypass the FRP wall, but none seem to work on this particular version.
I am totally lost...
I'll appreciate any light on the subject!