Level difference beteween left and right channel on audio output jack


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May 5, 2017
Hi, my Zuk Z2 plus audio out is having a difference in level between the left and right channel. I found out about this because I needed to use my phone as a music source to feed audio consoles during last summer tours (I'm an audio tech), and I saw that the two channels were having a difference in level. For all this time I thought the problem was the cable I used, but then yesterday, I went to my rehearsal room and hooked up the phone to the console with the same cable (which by the way it's a 3.5 trs to two xrl cable), and also with a 3.5 trs to two rca, both of them showed a difference in level between the two channels, although not same, I can't recall how much. Anyway, that's not the point, then I used that same trs to xlr cable which was giving me problems from last summer, and hooked up my laptop output to the console, and there was no level difference.
So today I took a 3.5 trs to 3.5 trs cable, hooked one end to the phone, and the other end to my DMM. I first measured the tip relative to sleeve, and I got a measurement of 313 mV, then the ring relative to sleeve and I got 188 mV, which translates to a difference of about 4.5 dBs. When I use headphones I'm not totally sure I can hear a clear difference though, actually it seems to me there is no difference in level between left and right, not only when using my apple earpods, but also when using my Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (some might think that it might have something to do with the jack and the fact that smartphones also have a ring dedicated to the microphone, as the earpods do).
So actually I wanted to ask if somebody out there is experiencing the same problem.