ROM lineage 13.0


Sep 3, 2016
the big update with 07.17 security patch
(with builtin root)


ASB July 2017, version string to 2017-07-01 (android_build)
linker: remove link from external library on unload (android_bionic)
Fix linked_list::remove_if() (android_bionic)
Fix stack buffer overflow in ih264d_process_intra_mb (android_external_libavc)
Don't allow using or allocating a buffer after the first state transition (android_frameworks_av)
Fix memory leak in error case (android_frameworks_av)
Decoder: Added an error check while parsing PPS. (android_external_libavc)
Fix heap buffer overflow while searching for valid PPS (android_external_libhevc)
Check chunk size (android_external_sonivox)
Decoder: Fixed flag u1_top_bottom_decoded. (android_external_libavc)
Limit ogg packet size (android_frameworks_av)
Check for buffer overflow in pps/slice header parsing (android_external_libhevc)
Fix in the case of MMCO 3 (long term reference idx). (android_external_libavc)
Error Resilience - Check on as_recent_fld[0][1] (android_external_libmpeg2)
Fix Bytes Consumed Issue (android_external_libmpeg2)
Decoder: Fix end of bitstream error. (android_external_libavc)
Decoder: Fix allocation for Mbaff weight matrix (android_external_libavc)
Decoder: Fix in reference list initialization. (android_external_libavc)
Check for cpb cnt in hrd parsing (android_external_libhevc)
Fix reallocation for new sps (android_external_libhevc)
DO NOT MERGE Handle streams with change in max_dec_buffering/num_reorder_frames without resolution change (android_external_libhevc)
libgui: check for invalid slot in attachBuffer (android_frameworks_native)
ui: Fix bad size check in Fence::unflatten (android_frameworks_native)
Make a11y node info parceling more robust (android_frameworks_base)
libgui: Check slot received from IGBP in Surface (android_frameworks_native)
DO NOT MERGE Deleting downloads for removed uids on downloadprovider start (android_packages_providers_DownloadProvider)
[DO NOT MERGE] Enforce user separation on external storage (android_packages_providers_MediaProvider)
memset SPS to zero (android_external_libhevc)
Decoder: Fixes in accessing mbaff flag in error cases (android_external_libavc)
Check Number of Skip MBs (android_external_libmpeg2)
CVE 2016-2109 fix (android_external_boringssl)
Prevent OOB write in soft_avc encoder (android_frameworks_av)
resolve merge conflicts of 3964c51bf2 to nyc-dev (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix infinite recursion (android_external_sonivox)
manifest: use Lineage fork of external/tremolo (android)
Always use unsigned char (android_external_tremolo)
Tremolo: fix ARM assembly code for decode_map type 3 case (android_external_tremolo)
Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r79' into HEAD (android_external_tremolo)
Regenerate contributors cloud (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Show update frequency option when download list is empty (android_packages_apps_CMUpdater)
Replace generic logo with back button (android_packages_apps_CMUpdater)
Remove toolbar menu background (android_packages_apps_CMUpdater)
CMUpdater: Strip 'signed' from UI Name (android_packages_apps_CMUpdater)
Add orientation correction for landscape devices (android_packages_apps_Snap)
Settings: handle decrypting larger pattern sizes for sw600dp (android_packages_apps_Settings)
thanks to biglsd
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