ROM New official 2.5.415


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Jan 14, 2017
If it's as stable as the latest ZUI then I might just finally hit that update button once it arrives :D
Aug 15, 2016

Update log Upgrade aspect ZUI 2.5 enhanced version. The main repair WeChat no network connection, WeChat red envelopes repeatedly pop, WeChat public number voice playback interrupt, U health does not count and other issues, and improve system stability. Precautions: Please ensure that the phone does not have Root, power and storage space is sufficient. We recommend that you reboot the system again after the upgrade is complete. If you encounter any problems during the upgrade process, please contact the official forum ( for support or feedback through the "I want to feedback" to us. Upgrade the process, the phone will have temperature; upgrade the first use of the process, there will be short-term response to slow and power to enhance the situation, these are normal, please do not worry. system Optimize the screen experience; Optimize the screen experience and stability; Optimize standby power saving experience; Fix the ringtone setting exception problem; Repair WeChat no network connection problem; Repair WeChat public number broadcast voice broadcast interrupt problem; Repair the new version of the red letter repeatedly hit the red question; Repair Alipay account to remind the voice is not complete problem; Repair standby power consumption problem; Repair the occasional system restart problem. Desktop and system interface Repair the system for the first time after the update wallpaper display abnormal problems. Call, SMS Optimize SMS receiving delay problem; Repair the occasional access to third-party calls when the interface Caton problem. Security center Optimize the common application rights management strategy; Enhanced self - management strategy; Update traffic monitoring policies. camera Repair open HDR effect after taking pictures without response problems. small tools Optimize the lottery processing experience. U healthy Repair U health does not count the problem.
Mar 22, 2017
For those who would want to download, I have deleted the prop check, hence please flash only on Zuk Z2 Pro.

I downloaded the same from baidu which took me a long time and then edited the lines as posted

Click Here to download
thanks for this mirror but a key i needed to d/l from Mega

why did you remove the 'prop check' ? what was wrong with the untouched official firmware file?