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Apr 8, 2017
Use Ctrl+F to search for keywords like: "bootloader", "update","sahara", "brick" etc...

"Finally I got my beloved Zuk. :p
-But wait, it isnt turning on...
-But wait, it isnt turning off...
- I cant get notifications in time..
- I cant get notification at all...
- why my phone is rebooting so often?
- apps keep crashing..

Dammit why I bought this phone? I search about it and it seems to be an amazing device but it is so buggy :mad:"

Q: "why this is happenning?:("

A: The answer is simple:

You have a fake rom in your phone.
Fake rom, yes. It isnt an official rom (stock rom) it is a custom rom sent by sellers, it has multilanguage and a lot of bugs.

Just get rid of it, dont keep this trash rom running in your phone.

The first thing you must should do after getting this phone is flash a stock rom. It doesnt matter if you will use a stock rom or a custom rom.

take it as a rule:
The first thing you should do is flash a stock rom ;)
I recommend flashing rom 1.9, then update OTA.


Password if asked is:

see original trhead


Q: "OK I get it, but how can I do it? im too noob to do stuff like this"

A: Just follow this guide step by step. (QPST/QFIL)


Q: I tried to flash but it keeps getting "Sahara fail".

A: Right, there is a lot of reasons for Sahara fail.
the most common is that you didnt install or installed the wrong drivers or you put the files in wrong local.

1- put all the files in disk C:\
Ex: C:\ADB+and+fastboot (ADB+and+fastboot is the name folder)

2-put the Rom folder in C:\ too and keep its name short
ex: C:\zuk19 (zuk19 is the folder name of rom 1.9)

3- Just after pressing enter in the ADB step "adb reboot edl" press download button in QFIL program.
As soon the download button appear to be pressed, press it ;)

4- Many Windows 10 user get this issue, if possible try to flash on windows 7


Q: Why do I have to Flash 1.9 and not the latest one as the guide says to do?

A: pretty simple, I'll quote @weimerd again ;)

"1.9 is the only ZUI that will make OTA updates working again. Bootloader will be reset to factory default.
In addition it sets back all other partitions of the phone.
So once you experience unusual hardware behaviour it makes quite sense to first flash ZUI 1.9 to make sure all partitions are set back to factory default.

In conclusion: ZUI 1.9 helps you get rid of many problems"


Q: Right I flashed the stock rom but now it is all in chinese :confused:

A: Dont panic :p just follow this video Tutorial


Q: This rom doesn't have Gapps, can I download it from apkmirror?

A: To prevent future issues with gapps, download Google playstore and google contact sync using the App Center.
It is a chinese app that will download the right version for your system.
After installing playstore, download other apps from it and uninstall App Center.


Q: How to receive notifications in time and make alarm clock work?

A: Open Safe Center app and add all important apps to Autostart, disable auto release memory and add apps to protection list. Disable apps in battery optimization.


Q: Can I change System language or add a new one?

A: You can change your Location to translate apps.
keep in mind that Stock apps and System Setting cant be translated.

1- Set debugging USB

2- Download and install this app:

3- Connect zuk z2 with you your pc VIA cable in the normal mode.

4- Go to ADB and launch it as administrator

5- Type "adb devices" in ADB - if there is your device detected you can continue.

6- Launch app Morelocate2

7- In ADB write “adb shell pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION” (without quotes)

8- In Morelocate2 search your language or add a new one.

9- Put off cable and restart your phone - finish.

ADVICE: do it below android 7.0 so you dont have to start this app everytime you reboot your phone.
so, if you want to use Morelocate2, just do those steps just after you flash rom 1.9, then you can update the phone and it will keep the locate after you reboot


Q: I cant update OTA, what should I do?

A: things you can do:

1- You can try to update changing VPN to a China server.
Download this app:

Press the big button and wait to connect. After that try to update the phone in System Update.

2- After Flashing rom 1.9 you can flash again the latest version.

3- Download the OTA file and rename it to "" and put in the root directory (root I mean, dont put is inside any folder)
now go to System Update app and click in the uper right corner and choose System recovery.
click in english and then Update.

4- SD Update method (see #2 post)


Q: Stock rom isnt good enough for me, can I change this rom?

A: Sure, see Custom rom Thread, but first you must unlock your bootloader to be able to flash custom roms and Root your device.


Q: What? Bootloader??

A: It is pretty simple, just follow this tutorial
Remember to backup first because it resets the phone after unlocking bootloader


Q: How to receive OTA updates with bootloader unlocked?

A: You can't receive OTA, but you can Install OTA, use TWRP or SDfuse to update


Q: Ok, I have unlocked my bootloader, now how can I root it?

A: See how to here
download TWRP .img here
download Magisk and install it with TWRP


Q: I have intalled magisk, everything is working fine but now I cant pass SafetyNet.

A: install this with TWRP


Q: I messed up with my phone, I think I bricked it... :(

A: Calm down... This phone is unbricable ;)
You can see some users solution:

1) Inititial state is: The phone is powered on and the white LED is on. The phone is not plugged into USB.
2) Hold power button for about ~7-10s until the LED turns off and keep holding power
3) The device will turn on again and shows ZUK Logo for a short time, keep holding the power button
4) You will see the white LED again and the display is black,
5) After ~5s (less time than in 2.), the white LED turns off again. As soon as this happens, release the power button and press and hold Volume Upfor 5s
Your phone is now being turned off
I ) Press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down button
II ) Connect your phone to the computer with a type-c usb cable
III) Your Phone is now in fastboot mode (release the keys)
IV) Open terminal (cmd) and type
fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem reboot-edl

Congratulations! You are now in 9008 with neither removing the battery nor breaking down an USB cable


For everybody on the internet who has still access to TWRP bootloader:
Boot into bootloader navigate to advanced Settings and open the Terminal Command
Now just type: "reboot edl" (without quotes)
and hit return
Now your phone is in EDL mode and you can flash a Stock Rom with Qfil

if nothing of this worked for you, the last one is Deep Flash Cable
(It saved me a lot, thank God this method exist :))


Q: I accidentally clicked on FFBM mode and now it is stuck on test mode screen. How can I fix it?

A: 1- Press and hold Volume up, Volume down and power button
2- After 10 secs when the phone vibrates release the power button but keep pressing the volume buttons
3- As soon as the ZUK logo appears release the volume buttons
4- You now should be in the stock recovery, choose English
5- And finally press reboot.
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