ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [TREBLE] AospExtended ROM V6.0


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Apr 8, 2017
Hmm room for improvement then haha. Let's hope it stops being alpha soon. Looking for a new daily driver rom without any drain issue that stock rom gives me.. And since drains and Oreo seem to go hand in hand so I figured why not go for pie lol.
Yep, Im back to RRO. Latest version fixed some issues and the battery seems good to me


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Nov 13, 2017
I made a clean install of this alpha release (up-to-date version when posting), everything went smooth and clean. I used aroma opengapps to be able to choose whatever Google app I want. It's been 4 days, using the smartphone about 5 hours using WiFi then shutting the device off. No noticeable issue despite the automatic backlighting not working. For a first time alternate ROM, and an alpha ROM, it was great.
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Jul 5, 2018
Flashed yesterday evening but only dirty for initial check. I will do clean flash and give proper feedback after some deeper tests.
For now I can say my Z2 Pro works like a charm: any random app crashes or restarts, battery is GREAT! (drain overnight ~0%), deep sleep also fine (BBS shows ~95%), OIS works. Many, many thanks for Devs!
Right now I'm wondering about ANT+ which, in my case (cycle a lot), it's quite essential feature. Z2 Pro has built-in hardware but is it possible (and how to?) add software support for it? Could you give me some tips about, please...