Phone cannot read SIM cards after it shuts down because of low battery percentage


New Member
Sep 22, 2018
My phone was doing this when the battery was like at 4% the phone would just shut down like without the shutting down animation, just straight up darkness. So this happened today when the battery was at 6% it shut down. I put it on charger then I waited couple of minutes until it went up to 20% then I turned the phone on. It asked for SIM Pin code, I typed it in for both SIMs because I have 2 in the phone, then the password to unlock the phone. After unlocking the phone I looked at the signal and there was an X in it so no signal was showing up (it is still there). I rebooted the phone, still the X. I took out the SIMs, same X there for both cards. Is there a way to force the readers to read the cards? Is it a hardware or a software issue that gives no service error?