Phone not recognized by PC after installing Custom ROM

Mar 29, 2017

I just unlocked my Z2 Pro and installed a Custom ROM.

I tried first AOSP Extended, but the battery did not seem to charge with it, although the LED was lighting

Then I changed to Arrow, same thing

Finally with RR apparently the battery is charging, or at least that is what is displayed in the main screen.

But with all of the ROMs I had the problem that when I connect the phone to the PC, it is not recognized, so I cannot transfer files. I could before installing the custom ROM.

Any ideas?

Jan 14, 2017
Have you tried flashing back to ZUI 1.9 and the OTA to the latest version ?!

I have also noticed on my Z2 Pro that sometimes the only way to be 100% sure the phone is charging is to ignore the LED and check the screen! :)
Seems to be a ZUI 4.x.x bug as far as I can tell...