Please can someone help me update back to ZUI 2.5.104 ST or whatever is the latest Indian stock ROM?

Sep 22, 2017
I had to root my Z2 Plus because it fell in water and lost all data. I rooted to get back as much as I could. But wanted to go back to 'locked bootloader' and 'unrooted' phone to obtain warranty back.

So I followed instructions from a thread and installed ZUI 1.9 Chinese version via MiFlash to lock bootloader and get back OTA updates. Phone was unrooted and even locked bootloader but OTA updates didn't work. So I again flashed ZUI 2.0.093 ST Indian ROM via MiFlash because the Chinese ZUI 1.9 didn't support Volte, GPS, Messaging, LTE, and much more and made my phone almost useless.

It's been a month waiting but still no OTA updates (Updater app shows 'latest version installed' and release notes show error 'failed to access information server'), seems like I followed a very wrong thread! Now I'm stuck with ZUI 2.0.093 ST Indian and I really bought this phone for Android N as I'm a fan.

Please can someone help me update back to ZUI 2.5.104 ST Indian or whatever is the latest Indian stock ROM???

Any help is much appreciated. Regards, Charlie. Screenshot_2017-11-03-15-39-43-1618032566.png Screenshot_2017-11-03-15-39-43-1618032566.png
Jan 20, 2019
Guys, I need some help, please.
I flashed this Indian ROM 2.5 on my Zuk Z2, but on the initial setup, android is asking me to log in with an account that was previously used on my device. I assume it's the account from the person that uploaded the ROM... I'm stuck behind the FRP now!
@Chalton Lowden did you get the same thing on your phone?