Question about multilanguage rom


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Mar 13, 2019
Hello, i have Lenovo zuk z2 phone and it came with android 6.0 and lots of languages. Didn't get any updates and had a lot chinese stuff. I did flash it with miflash and some rom (ZUI_2.5.334_ST_170116_qpst ) with android 7.0 and zui 2.5 i think. When start the phone was all on chinese language and had only English and no google account. After that had update to ZUI 3.5 and now wants to update to 4.0 but no other languages. And still a lot chinese stuff and even the keyboard has symbols. After that flash it with another rom ( Lenovo_Zuk_Z2_Z2132_EN_OPEN_USER_Q01017.1_M_ZUI_2.0.133_ST_161117_QPST ) and it have google acc but only english and dont wanna update.
So is there rom that i can install ( android 7 or 8 no matter ) that have bulgarian language or if dont have bulgarian to be all in english. I prefer official rom not custom. Tried to find but there are a lot of them and cant understand which one to install . I just want standart rom with different languages and to get official updates.

Thank you!

Maybe i have to ask this question this way : what rom ( 7 or 8 ) would you recommend for a ordinary user that didnt do anything special with phone ?
( and no Chinese stuff of course ) IF there is Bulgarian will be great, if not English will do fine too.
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