ROM Resurrection Remix 7.0 Pie - GSI


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Jan 22, 2017
Since ZUK Z2 Pro support treble, we can flash GSI "A" roms :)
We can flash RR / Arow / or many other GSI pie based roms.
I dont take respond if you brick your zuk :)

if somebody is interested to test it, here is how to make it:

1. Clean flash latest AEX 6.2 rom as a base, not 6.1 or earlier !!
2. Make system run - initial setup is not needed.
3. Reboot to twrp.
4. Wipe System partition
5. Press Install -> IMG file
6. Select this image file :
5. Then reboot again to recovery (it says no system but ok)
7. Flash Again system image to system partition
8. Reboot to system. If it boot, restart to recovery, no initial setup is needed.
9. Wipe Data ( NOT FORMAT)
10. Flash Gapps.
11. Done :)
You can try other way to flash, but this one dont give me any FC, etc. Everything works for now... dont ask me for VOLTE... i dont use so dont care of it, test yourself :)

if want root, just install latest magisk 18, then if is no magisk manager in app drawer then instal manually magisk manager apk and is done.

By this procedure can be flashed any GSI "A" rom, you need to in point 6. flash system image file what you want to test.