Selling Zuk Edge as spares

Mar 12, 2018
Im selling my Zuk Edge. I have used the phone for over 2 years and I was very happy with it. Then one day the displey stopped being responsive sometimes. It is a strange behaviour, sometimes when tapping the displey, it does not lit up, but still the system is working. I thought it is a software problem and I have reinstalled edge and even installed custom rom, however the problem appears to be with the displey / digitizer part. If I press below the camera harder with finger, the display goes off and cannot get it back on unless it "sorts out by itself". then it is working fine, however if I press again - problem comes again...

The phone is otherwise in nice condition, always had screen protector and back case - even on the camera I had protector.

It is a white 4/64GB version and currently running TWRP, ready for custom rom.

No point to try to repair, hence why selling as spares. What a shame, I really liked it and would have been using it even now, if not playing up.

Attaching some images. Im located in EU - Slovakia, so not a problem to post within EU.

I have original box, cable (not the charger), and a couple of spare covers...+ protecting carbon textured back foil a couple.