[semi OT] Does anybody know of a magnetic usb cable that actually supports fast charge for Z2 pro?


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Oct 25, 2019
Hi, I'm sorry for the semi OT thread, but I thought you would be the best community to ask, and I didn't find any better forum to post to.
Now, as the topic says, I'm looking for a magnetic USB cable (those where you leave the connector inside the phone and then connect the actual cable with a magnet) that actually supports QC3 fast charge for my Z2 pro. On a very famous online store there's a lot of them on sale, and many of them claim that they support fast charging. However, when you look at the comments, many people say that they don't. Not only that, but not all cables may work. Not long ago I bought a normal cable that was supposed to support fast charging (original Huawei cable), but while the cable works with other phones (not necessarily Huawei), my Z2 pro doesn't work with it at all, not even slow charging.
I don't need links, but maybe some of you has bought one such magnetic cable that actually works and can tell me the manufacturer and the model of the cable? It would really be useful for me. Thanks in advance!