Substratum is working for ZUI 3.5 Oreo [Black theme and mods]


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Substratum is able to theme stock ZUI 3.5.261 with magisk root.

I have themed status bar to show clock in center, black notifications and notification header, rounded corners in app resents, black lock screen, sliders, settings app, quick settings menu, google play store and many more apps.

The themes and mods are made for stock android which causes a lot of issues.
As you can see in the pictures everything is not themed in system settings, and unchecked quick toggles are barley visible. When the clock mod are enabled the phone soft reboots(or just system UI?), every time i touch the status bar or launch the notification area.

Play store and apps are working 100% with themes.

This probably means that we can get ZUI substratum themes in the future.

If any devs know how to make substratum themes please make a ZUI dark theme!
ZUI mods would be even more awesome!

Troubleshooting: reboot phone after you have applied theme (soft boot is not enough).
Screenshot_2018-02-19-15-41-44-0048093220.png Screenshot_2018-02-19-15-47-16-2070279867.png Screenshot_2018-02-19-15-42-13-1102313150.png

More pictures:

Theme: Dirty Dark
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