Upgrading from Nougat to Oreo - app data?


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Mar 17, 2018
I've been reading the excellent tutorials on how to update to latest Oreo build (...threads/do-you-want-to-update-to-oreo-read-this-first.7848/ and ...threads/ota-collection-howto-get-from-zui-1-9-to-latest-zui-for-z2-pro.7851/ ) however there is one thing I miss or don't understand: how to maintain your app data.

I am currently on 2.5.415ST unlocked bootloader and rooted. Is there a way to upgrade to the latest Oreo and preserve my app data (meaning app settings like username/passwords within the apps)?
I suspect I would have to backup with TWRP and restore them after installing the Oreo, but I wonder, would that lead to problems since the app data come from a Nougat version?

Sorry if it is a newbie question..


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Nov 26, 2016

this has been asked many times (including by me). But since it is quite tricky and discussions disseminated in various threads I will TRY to help.

I was in the same situation as you until recently.

On of the most knowledgeable user over here (Bruneba) recommends to flash the phone to stock and upgrade to latest versions, that the tutorial you probably came across.

BUT, because like you I wasn't so comfortable with backing up data and did not want to loose any OR have to spend hours setting up the phone again I decided to hot flash 3.5.259 on system as it was. Other then some difficulties with syncing contacts, it was perfectly fine. And today I did the same with 3.5.316 that seem to be a full system flashable rom (as oppose to an update as such).

BUT, I was alrease on 3.1.xxx. So I would recommend that you at least take the step to move to 3.1.218, make sure everything is ok, then flash 3.5.316.

In any case, make sure you completely remove root before flashing and that you have the latest version of TWRP (3.2.1).

This is not without some risks, but it worked well for me and a couple of other members.

PS: get ready to fall in love again with your phone once you have updated ;)


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Apr 8, 2017
You are still on 2.5, update to 3.1, set all your stuff and then update to 3.5.

You can follow the tutorial from 3.1 part

Just as BenjieB said.

If in the future you encounter any issue, just try a clean flash from 1.9