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Jan 29, 2017
Zuk Z2 ordered from banggood.

Waiting impatiently for arrival and formatting to the latest and most stable ROM with ZUI :)


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Feb 6, 2017
ordered a z2 from gearbest and waiting for arrival...
i'm a complete noob in android/cusom roms/etc. thatswhy i'm reading/studying all the forums... great community btw!!
i still don't know what to do with the pre-installed ROM, i'll decide when i (finally) get my phone :)
Feb 14, 2017
For non-tech users, expecting out-of-the-box functionality, this phone is useless in those areas mentioned in my initial post. Period.
Custom ROM that came up with your reselled phone is useless in those areas. I believe you have flashed it already to stock ROM.

Could you please share your experience with the phone running on original ROM? Micz, I'm especially interested in your opinion as I'm from Poland too. I'd be glad to take a look on other members' opinions for 'global' questions.
1. Except having English language, can you configure the phone to encourage Polish language and location in Play Store, apps, search results etc.? Few times I had a huge issue with that on current phone.
2. What's the sound power, quality and configurability? In terms of power I talk about large, standard headphones (Audiotechnika ATH-M40x in my case). Lenovo K4 Note is more than enough for them, but Lenovo P780 is pathetic. For configurability I need good, old, proper equalizer with more than 5 bands and without any weird effects that cannot be disabled (like in stock Redmi 3S).
3. Is voice during calls using external speaker loud and clear (in - for example - office)?
4. Is signal quality compared to other phones at least on the same level? Do you loose signal (2G / 3G / calls) where your friends don't?
5. Did you notice any property of this phone that is significantly below general standards? (I believe that this small, barely visible - and probably useless during daytime - led mentioned by reviewers is a fair example of such property)


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Feb 15, 2017
Hi All, I've ordered my ZUK Z2 through GB and expect delivery in about a week. More than slightly concerned about the ROM that comes with it. Presuming I will end up with the international version; is it really that bad? Do I HAVE to change it to Chinese ROM?
Sort of expecting to try it out first, see if it has been improved and working correctly now....
Or am I being way to optimistic?
Love the idea of the forum.

EDIT: Just had email back from supplier who informs me I have the Chinese ROM, not upgraded to international because I wanted English (which works with this ROM), they only custom ROM for other languages. FINGERS CROSSED :)
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Feb 22, 2017
hi everybody from italy!
two days ago i received my z2 owned on gearbest in flash sale and thanks to you first i flash 1.9.044 original chinese with miflash tool, 2.3 with sdfuse and 2.5 with miflash (i like it more than qfil, qfil always fail).
google apps installed with no problem and now with italian language (more locale app) and nova launcher this device it's literally like a bomb! i never had problems with notifications and U-touch is fantastic and fast!
Oct 14, 2018
Hello everybody. French user, I am trying to find how to get a french Z2 Plus(I get it in English but I do not know how to get it in french).
Aug 22, 2017
Hello everybody. French user, I am trying to find how to get a french Z2 Plus(I get it in English but I do not know how to get it in french).
Hey, french guy here as well :)
As of speaking, i don't clearly remember whether zui is french translated, but 3.5 was not. If the latest zui ROM (4.0) does'nt include it, and you really need a french device, consider upgrading to a custom ROM. Major ones are french translated (but check anyway). I am currently on bootleggers and have a french translation at my disposal.