Z2 Pro freezes and reboots when accessing duolingo app

Jun 3, 2017
Can anyone please test if they encounter the same issue?
I have the latest ZUI version installed and locked bootloader.
Phone is running great, but when installing the duolingo app and connecting with a google account, the app just freezes and the phone stops responding at all commands then restarts shortly after.
Whenever I just try to launch the app afterwards, the phone freezes again and has to be rebooted.

Thank you in advance!
Mar 22, 2017
with the official trial / paid Duolingo app from Google Store or with a mod from alternate market ?
FYR with most recent pirated apps you cannot login with a Google account because of new stronger anti-piracy features


New Member
Sep 20, 2018
Hi, everyone!

I have had the same problem for a few months now, but I recently found a workaround. It's a bit silly, but if you use the Multiple space feature to make a copy of Duolingo, the copy works just fine.

I have to admit that having the Duolingo's icon twice steps a bit on my OCD nerve, but it works. Using the browser version works reasonably well too, with the advantage of allowing you to access the "Tips and notes" section of the lessons.

(I'm running ZUI 3.5.388 ST and the application was downloaded from the Play Store.)