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Jun 18, 2016
ZUI 2.1 Update

New lock screen smart notifications, taxi, flight information, remind glance;
new desktop folder intelligent grouping and multi-finger slide organize desktop icons function, organize your desktop quicker; U-Touch again evolution, interest unlock screen also anti inadvertently , individual fingerprints can invoke a particular application; new owner dimensional code sharing, sharing more convenient; optimization WiFi connection stability.
There are more new features and experience optimization.

Firmware Basics
Applicable models: ZUK Z2 PRO
Firmware Type: QSB
Firmware Version: 2.1.120

download link:

Copy the abovePrecautions:1, make sure the phone does not Root, power and storage space is sufficient.It is recommended that you reboot the system again after the upgrade is complete.If you encounter any problems during the upgrade process, go to the official forum ( for support.2, the upgrade process, the phone will be warming; upgrade after the first use of the process, there will be short-term response to slow and power to enhance the situation, these are normal conditions, please do not worry.

1, to optimize the heat pretreatment (abnormal power consumption reminder) strategy;
2, update the latest security patches for Google and Qualcomm the latest platform security patches;
3, optimize WiFi connection stability;
4, repair a number of custom input method of the problem;
Desktop, lock screen and system interface

1, the new lock screen intelligent notification, so that travel, air tickets and other scenes of the notification, text messages and other visual display;
2, the new folder grouping intelligent reminder, you can automatically classified related applications;
3, the new double / multi-fingered finishing the desktop icon function;
4, multi-task experience optimization: long press multi-task small broom can be forced to clean up the lock and the current application;
5, repair the system after changing the skin QQ can not change the theme of the problem;


1, the new interest rate screen fingerprint unlock anti-accidental touch mechanism: put in the pocket automatically shields the wrong touch, vibration;2, the new fingerprint information specific screen shortcut into the application / payment: Settings - Fingerprint and Password - Fingerprint list, you can set shortcuts for each fingerprint;

Call the SMS contact

1, the new owner of two-dimensional code card to share;2, to optimize the SMS text copy experience;3, support the call records by the contact display;4, repair sporadic harassing phone does not automatically interception;

small tools

1, alarm clock support through the keyword search to select local music as a ringtones;
2, the clock countdown to add a new set mode, you can support to the second class Oh;
3, repair Improving the clock, recorder, calculator, compass small problem;

U Health

1, the new step-by-step incentives, a certain number of steps every day, you can get the value of growth incentives;2, optimize the motion recording sensor compensation algorithm, moving distance record more accurate;3, the merger of motion trajectories and movement data records, while watching the track side records;4, repair and improve the number of steps inaccurate problem
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